How Do Support Animals Provide Emotional Buffer to Its Owner?

How Do Support Animals Provide Emotional Buffer

Whether it’s a dog or cat, our furry four-legged companions are considered as family members for most people. They offer so much support and love, making them ideal solutions to a lot of people’s emotional states or conditions. Many people wonder how animals can be good emotional buffers to us, but when you learn more about it, you realize these animals can make such a great difference in many people’s lives.

You Must Qualify for One

Because of the immense support and benefits they bring; they are the ideal companions for many people with emotional and mental disabilities. If you have been to see a licensed therapist, they would have most likely mentioned that support animals can provide an emotional buffer to their owners aside from being great companions. Once you and your therapist have agreed that a support animal is something you need, you should then secure an ESA letter. This allows you to freely travel around with your support animal, and the first step in securing one, is seeing a therapist; which you already have. Your therapist can prepare an ESA letter for you. 

The Diversion Is Key

These beautiful pets need constant care and attention, it’s just how they are. This behavior proves to be the best support to you because they divert any bad feelings or thoughts you may be feeling and turn them into positive ones. This happens when you fully focus on them and what they’re doing. These emotional states when they are lowered to a desirable level can help decrease your respiration rate, lower your blood pressure, and can actually help you cope with any kind of physical pain too. 

They Can Help with Anxiety

How Do Support Animals Provide Emotional Buffer

One of the main reasons people get one of these special animals is to improve their emotional state when they have anxiety attacks or depression, which can be so terrible and unbearable at times. But these companions can help carry that load with you, making it a lot more manageable. Whenever you feel like you might get an attack and find it challenging to function, your support pet can help alleviate your discomfort and make you feel at ease and calm you. So many people tend to have extreme episodes of worrying too much about random stuff, refusing to do things just because of different voices in their head telling them not to; these animals can help you ignore those bad thoughts and just feel good again. 

Producing More Neurotransmitters 

A good pet can increase your dopamine levels significantly, increasing various neurochemicals that are linked with feelings such as love and care. So, you can simply look into their eyes and you’d feel less depressed and safer. Many people have loneliness tendencies, but having these beautiful creatures around you all the time can open up different doors to increase your capacity to love and care for someone. This might help you in finding people and getting into relationships; you’ve already learned how to accept people and to show care and support thanks to your furry companions

Crossing Fear Barriers

Many people have intense phobias of different things, whether it’s going outside, riding cars, getting on airplanes, and a lot more. Having one of these animals with you can help make things a lot easier because they help calm your fears, making you more likely to do these things that scared you before. When they’re around, they can be better than many medications. So, if you find yourself about to have a panic attack or your fears are starting to overwhelm you, focus on them and only them. Animals have a keen smell for fear, so they’d know when to distract you and keep you safe emotionally.

Trauma Management 

Millions of people have gone through different types of trauma, whether it was an accident, seeing a loved one die, or being a war veteran. These events can constantly trigger you and haunt you in various ways, some people might blackout and do random things without knowing why, others start crying or screaming uncontrollably. So, if you get one of these dogs or cats, they can sense when you’re about to lose control and bring you back to reality. You won’t be triggered too easily anymore because they’re with you and show full support whenever you need it. 

Having emotional disabilities can make you qualify for one of these furry rascals to help keep your condition stable; support animals can be a major contributor to the betterment of your health. If you feel like you need that extra boost to help you feel better, these animals can give you all the emotional support and unconditional love you need to help you with your condition, no matter how dire it is.