How Does the Online Casino Industry Take Inspiration From TV and Film?

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Australia is a country that is built on hard work and honest graft. Although what you do for work is key, finding time to relax in your spare time is also a must. This helps you recharge your batteries and get more fun out of life. iGaming at top Internet casinos is a great example of how to keep boredom at bay in daily life and is also something that lots of Aussies are now getting into Guts Casino seems to be especially popular.

One thing you might notice when you visit an online casino is how they take inspiration from film and TV. When you notice this, you will soon start to see just how much iGaming, both in Australia and globally, has borrowed from these entertainment choices. But what are the best examples of this?

Online Casino Games Based on Hit Movies/TV Shows

This is perhaps the most obvious way online casinos have borrowed from the TV and film industries. The category of online casino games where this is mostly applicable are slots. There are masses of video slots at top casinos that are not just inspired by film/TV but also actually based on them. This sees branded slots, such as Narcos from NetEnt, include characters, symbols, and imagery that is pulled directly from the TV show.

The same is also true for top slot games online that are inspired by smash-hit movies. Rocky from Playtech, for example, includes characters from the movie franchise and uses the appeal of the Rocky films to engage players. The same is also true for branded slots such as Jurassic World from Microgaming. The funny thing is that this kind of idea is not something that is just confined to iGaming⎯there are, for example, some top bars worldwide inspired by hit movies and TV shows!

Greater Emphasis on Characters and Storylines

Although branded slots are a clear example of how online casinos have looked to films and TV, this has also seeped into non-branded games. If we look at online slots again, more recent ones seem to place a lot more emphasis on storylines and in-game characters.

Good examples of this include how prominent the character of Rich Wilde is in the slots he stars in, or the in-depth storyline that the Queen of Bounty slot delivers. This was not always true in the past. The first online slots did not focus so much on immersive storylines or the characters within them.

Over time though, it seems that game developers have seen how effective engaging stories and memorable characters are in film/TV. They have then brought this into online casino games to help the sector attract more fans.

Moving Forward With Innovative Tech and Features  

Keeping up with the latest national news in Australia is always worthwhile and often sees stories crop up about subjects such as online casino play. But how has this industry taken a steer from film and TV to reach where it is today?

You have to remember that both film and TV as a sector are known for constantly pushing boundaries and bringing new tech into what they produce. This is clear to see when you watch a film or TV show made in the last few years and then compare it to one from 50 years ago!

The online casino sector has seemingly taken inspiration from this and incorporated the same attitudes into its own evolution. This means iGaming as an industry is always moving with the times and always doing what it can to offer players more. This can be seen in the adoption of live chat customer support tech by many Internet casinos recently, the adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment methods by some, and the impact live gaming tech has had on the industry.

You can also see this commitment in the new, improved experiences offered to players by the games that are developed. The software providers behind them are always looking to add new gameplay features to wow users or make their games look/sound even better than before. This quest for constant innovation to engage audiences is certainly something that iGaming seems to have taken from TV and film.

Online Casino Sector Learning From Others in Entertainment

When they first appeared, online casinos were not thought of as being a threat to the status of film and TV in terms of entertainment. The iGaming sector has cleverly subverted this view by looking at what other top entertainment industries do to engage audiences and copying them. This has enabled Internet casinos in places like Australia to offer a totally fresh gaming experience to players and borrow some cool tips from film/TV on how best to do this.