How Has The Internet Changed The Entertainment Industry?

How Has The Internet Changed The Entertainment Industry

How Has The Internet Changed The Entertainment Industry?

It’s no surprise that the entertainment scene is shaped by our interests and beliefs. In recent years, the entertainment industry has seen drastic changes based on what circulates on the internet and the opinions we express through social media pages. Every day, a new trend emerges and eventually influences the kind of entertainment that we consume. It’s not a two-way street, and each is both affected and influenced by the other. Here’s how the internet has completely changed entertainment today.

Politics and Human Rights

It’s apparent how individuals on the internet have become more verbal about political and social issues on social media pages. The youth has broken the cycle and have become more politically and socially aware of matters such as racial and gender stereotypes. You’ll easily find this reflected in the media that we consume. Movies and TV series are more “politically correct,” so to speak, as a direct result of recent backlashes that have circulated online. As social norms see a drastic change, so does the entertainment that we consume.

Shifts to Online Platforms

Yet another result of internet culture is how everything has relocated to an online base. You can now easily shop online for anything from groceries and clothes to miscellaneous items that you can find in online retail shops. Unsurprisingly, this is also the case with the entertainment industry, including online games and casinos; VIP casinos especially have become more visible online. This is especially convenient for people who live in small towns and don’t want to commute long distances to play a game of poker. These online casinos offer most games that you can find at a brick-and-mortar casino, and they’re usually at a much lower cost.


Although the average person would think twice before shoplifting from a grocery store, almost everyone nowadays comfortably pirate content from torrent websites. Individuals, especially the youth, pirate everything from television content, to video games, books, and software programs. Despite being illegal, pirating websites are growing in numbers and only face a shutdown for a few weeks before they put up another server. While, to content creators, this seems like a nightmare, pirating has made entertainment accessible to people of all walks of life, including those whose incomes do not allow them to make hefty purchases.


Music has always connected people, and it continues to do so in today’s entertainment scene, especially with how accessible it has become to everyone. Even paid websites offer free as well as premium plans, which gives people access to a massive library of all kinds of music for free. That said, this has also made it easier for aspiring artists to market themselves and to garner their audience through websites and apps such as Spotify and YouTube. This, in turn, has made fame accessible to talented individuals looking to jump start their music careers.

There’s no turning back from how accessible the internet has made the entertainment industry. Our social views and beliefs now immediately affect the kind of entertainment that we consume and have made previously–exclusive industries, such as casinos, accessible to people of all walks of life.