How Online Casinos Lead the Way When It Comes to Welcome Offers

How Online Casinos Lead the Way When It Comes to Welcome Offers

Online casino gambling is now more popular than ever. From poker to slots, blackjack to roulette, more and more punters are now looking to online casinos as their favoured form of gambling entertainment. This is no more significant than when it comes to Australia, with recent estimates suggesting that 80% of the Australian population regularly participate in some form of gambling. In fact, the same report found that Australians currently lead the way when it comes to gambling on an individual scale per nation, with Aussies’ found to gamble over $900 each.

The value of Australia’s gambling industry currently stands at well over $100 billion, and the largest online casino companies have picked up on this ever-burgeoning market, tailoring their products to specifically target Australian gamblers. A huge part of this has come through their special offers and welcome bonuses, and it is the online casino industry as a whole which now leads the way in this form of marketing. But how do online casino sites use welcome offers as their favoured form of attracting new customers? And can this success continue in the coming years?

How the UK Compares to Australia

One of the notable similarities between Australian and UK betting sites is that the majority have sign-up offers for new players. You can find a list of the leading online casino sites special offers and sign-up bonuses at site like, which provides gamblers with expert reviews and game guides. Online casino sign-up offers tend to be along the lines of free bets, bonus spins, and real cash welcome packages.

The UK online gambling market is now said to accumulate revenue in the billions of pounds, with this figure continuing to rise. When it comes to online casinos, slots are found to be the most popular game in both Australia and the UK. Interestingly, online poker seems to be far more popular in Australia than the UK, but perhaps expectedly, it is UK punters that far outweigh Australians when it comes to online bingo gambling. Australians’ love affair with “pokie” machines perhaps goes some way to explaining why they currently appear to enjoy casino gaming more than Britons. Drawing customers away from pokies and towards their online equivalent is key to the long-term success of casino gambling in Australia – producing the right sign-up bonuses and welcome packages to entice these pokie players is likely to be many companies’ strategy in doing this successfully.

How Online Casinos Lead the Way When It Comes to Welcome Offers

Australian Coupon Culture

This method has been in the recent successes of Groupon and Wowcher who have brought about a new generation of Britons becoming interested in coupon deals, and this is slowly rubbing off into Australian culture. Whilst the coupon options in Australia are far less than that in the UK and the USA, there has been a recent influx of sites looking to tap into this market. Groupon has dipped its toe into the Australian market in recent years. With deals on anything from travel to beauty, this site appeals to a variety of age groups, and as such, has seen profits soar. Alongside Groupon, special deal sites like Finder, OzBargain and Catch of the Day can provide huge discounts on a variety of products.

As well as special deal sites, there has been an increased interest in online survey sites in Australia over the last few years. These sites can provide anything from gift vouchers to real money for participating in a survey. Toluna and MyOpinions are currently two of the biggest online survey sites in Australia, one of the big appeals of these sites is that they are mobile-friendly so can be done on the move, and as companies see these surveys as a reliable source of marketing data, there is plenty willing to pay for the privilege. Alongside special deal sites and survey sites, a burgeoning market in Australia right now is that of cashback sites such as Cashrewards, Honey, and Shopback. These companies will often give you a percentage of your money back once you place an order through them.

Online casinos have recognised the appeal of these coupon deal sites and are looking at new ways to incorporate their marketing deals into a casino format. Moving away from free spins and cash welcome packages, online casinos are looking at a variety of different methods as a way of attracting new customers to sign-up to their sites.

Moving Forward

Online casinos have used welcome offers as a key part of their marketing strategy in the last 10-15 years, and this looks unlikely to change anytime soon. Creating bigger and better offers and welcome packages to draw new customers to their sites looks key to the continued success of online casino gambling. Should these sites tap into the large brick-and-mortar ‘pokies’ market which exists in Australia, expect revenue to only increase, and in turn, companies to have larger marketing budgets to expand their reach worldwide.

Australia may not currently have a strong coupon culture that forms a big part of nations such as the USA and the UK, but this could slowly be beginning to change. Should sites such as Groupon, Toluna, and Cashrewards – but to name a few – begin to gain a bigger foothold in the Australian market, this can bring about a new wave of Australians becoming interested in shopping around for the best deals online. With such a large variety of online casino websites currently vying for a slice of the burgeoning Australian gambling industry, finding the best sign-up offers and bonuses is likely to become as important to Australian gamblers as it is to punters around the world.

Through free bets, real cash welcome packages, bonus spins, and even new techniques such as online gift cards, online casinos seem to have a variety of marketing options currently in use that entice new players to their sites. Perhaps the biggest challenge to the industry at present is continuing to adapt these sign-up offers, so that they remain fresh, innovative, and appeal to a new range of gamblers. In doing this, the online casino industry looks unlikely to waiver anytime soon.