How Technology is Changing Live Performances

How Technology is Changing Live Performances

Modern technology has revolutionized how people live their daily lives. The internet and smart devices bring individuals closer even when they are miles apart because of more efficient communication channels. More advanced medical equipment aid in restoring ill people back to their health. It is apparent that even live performances are significantly enhanced by technological advancements.

State of the Art Projectors

Over the recent couple of years, the use of state of the art projectors have been massively used in the performing arts industry. As a matter of fact, the Muse Drones Tour was a huge success when it was kicked off in the US in the fall of 2016 because of projectors equipped with moving mirror systems. The combination of these equipment made variable lighting possible, which in turn diffused special effects, generating a spectacular view, much to the delight of the crowd. With modern and advanced projectors, production design specialists are able to create stunning images even for large screens, with a brightness that can be configured accordingly.


Pre-recorded footage adds flavor to a live performance. For this reason, multimedia is now heavily used in modern theatre productions. This is evident in ‘And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank’ wherein a series of taped interviews of Anne Frank were featured to bring a certain outline and emphasis to the story. These videos are tastefully added so as not to overpower the entire live performance.

3D Printing

3D printing is an excellent technology that allowed production designers to bring the stage of the live show to life. During the planning stage, a scale model of the stage can be 3D printed to allow for brainstorming on what props need to be included. Prototypes of the stage design can be sent online to be printed in plastic form. Apart from the planning stage, 3D printing also paved the way for multiple actual props to be created in an instant. This is a cost-efficient manner, which also saves the team time in designing the stage, regardless of its size.

Sound Engineering

The lights and the stage significantly caters for the visual impact of live performances. However, a great sound generates a complete and ultimate experience for the audience. Sound engineering focuses on the emotional journey of the audience in the show. In the past, it took a couple of days for sound engineers to produce a remarkable sound effect, but these days, sound effects can conveniently be downloaded. There are also software and applications that allow sound engineers to layer the music with ease, as deemed appropriate for the scene.

How Technology is Changing Live Performances

In this modern day and age, live performances are now unlike the live performances done in the past. Contemporary shows now leverage drones and multimedia, with some live performances dedicated to these. Impeccable sound engineering also paves the way for the ultimate experience of an audience in a live performance. On the other hand, 3D printing made it possible for props to bring life to the stage in a heightened manner.