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    How to avoid legal issues abroad

    When travelling abroad, emigrating or setting up a new company overseas it’s a very exciting time but this can all come crashing down if you run into legal issues. 

    Although most laws across the world are fairly common, variations can cause you to fall fowl of the law and you may end up getting fines, criminal convictions or even worse, facing jail time. 

    Here’s some of the most common legal issues tourists face when travelling abroad and some tips on how to avoid them.

    Drunk Driving or also known as Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is an obvious one but world wide, this is the most common cause for travellers to find themselves face to face with the local law enforcement and winding up with legal issues and facing criminal prosecution. In many cases this is a minor slip up of driving the morning after a big night or one drink too many at the bar but legal limits in countries vary so when you might think you’re safe to drive, you may well not be. It’s always best to stay safe at home or abroad so best bet is to not drink at all as the worst case could be you killing someone or even yourself…

    Don’t Do Drugs

    Ok kids we all know that drugs are bad but it’s fair to say we all know someone who’s been nabbed abroad or at home for carrying some form of illegal drugs. Depending on the country or even state where you travelling in the world drugs laws can be strict or fairly lax. Countries like Indonesia carry a death penalty for carrying drugs and then countries like Holland can be more lenient in some areas. Our tip here is to do your research before you arrive and always be careful. And remember, locals and other travellers asking you to carry drugs, buy drugs or share drugs can be a trap. Many undercover Police and locals can earn big money from brides so it’s always best to be safe and think carefully about your actions to avoid being caught up in a legal battle for your freedom.

    Buying property abroad

    Moving away from recreational issues, we step into the world of buying properties overseas. Buying a property in the UK or Australia can be fairly standard process but it’s always recommended to seek proper legal advice from a registered local lawyer or law firm. When purchasing properties in so called ‘dream’ locations like Costa Del Sol, Bali, or South of France there are a number of alternative issues that can arise such as historic landowner issues and local planning laws. In these cases you will also want to seek advice from locals, councils and even village elders, if you’re somewhere extremely remote or in developing countries.

    Setting up a new business abroad

    So you’re a bit of an entrepreneur are you? Well setting up a business could be a great idea, I mean business is good, you have a strong model and expanding would be great, but with new countries comes new laws, legislation and in countries like Australia, endless miles of red tape. Ensuring your businesses legal compliance is essential and not something you want to take chances on as getting it wrong could mean serious harm to employees, legal charges or deportation. Seeking the advice of legal firms such as DWF in Australia is a great place to start. It’s not worth taking any risks and having a good law firm on your side when emigrating to a new country is always a good move.

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