How to Build a Quality Email List with Facebook Ads

How do you market your goods or services digitally? A proven effective way to do this is through email marketing. Most consumers tend to make purchases because of an email they received. Email marketing has a great ROI. On average, you can earn more than two times the amount you spend on email marketing.

Regardless of the type of business you run, it will indeed feel good to increase your sales. However, to get this type of result, you need a vital asset – an email list.

And not just any kind of email list, an email list that contains people who care about what you are trying to sell. You can easily buy an email list. But, do the people on the list care about what you want to sell? Plus, it is not a great idea to spam either.

To get an email list that is made up of your target audience, why not build one? There are many ways you can create an email list. A good option is through the powerhouse of targeted ads – Facebook ads. Here’s how to build a quality email list that will benefit your startup in the long run with Facebook ads.

How to Increase Your Email List With Facebook Ads

1. Know your target audience

One thing that makes Facebook unique is its ability to reach your target audience directly. However, you have to know your audience before Facebook can help you reach out to them. If you don’t know the specific set of people you are reaching out to, you may end up reaching out to everyone. This will generate little to no profit for your startup. Identifying and studying your target audience is key to developing a genuine email list, maximizing sales, and achieving business growth.

2. Develop a marketing plan that will suit your email list

Identifying and studying your audience forms the foundation of the next steps you will take. Before you start reaching out to your target through Facebook ads, developing an effective marketing plan is essential. There is no point in increasing your email list if you do not plan on keeping them.

Consider a plan for the type of emails you will send to your target audience, what it will contain, and the schedule to send them on. It would be best if you also considered the possibility of sending weekly updates (which may include links to new updates on your site), newsletters, promotional emails, and more.

3. Create a Facebook ad campaign

Once the previous steps are put in place, it is time to set up your Facebook ad campaign. To create an ad on Facebook, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Choose a campaign objective: This option will be displayed after you click the create button. Since your primary goal is to build an email list from the campaign, select “Lead Generation” from the options displayed on the drop-down menu. The “Lead Generation” option ensures that other corresponding options will align with your primary objective of collecting email addresses from people in your target audience.
  • Select your target audience: Facebook allows you to narrow down those who will see your ads. You can narrow down your target audience by various factors like; age range, gender, online behaviors, interests, and many more. Since you already know your target audience, select the best options that will capture them.
  • Pick the details you want to collect: Your goal is to collect email addresses. However, Facebook gives you the option of collecting additional information in your ads. Some of the data can be: first and last names, city, date of birth, job title, phone number, and others. All of this data may not be necessary, depending on your goal. But, the better information you have about your audience, the better chances you will be provided with relevant emails. However, ensure to limit the number of questions you ask; keep it as concise as possible. This is because people may begin to see it as too much work to fill all the required fields.
  • Set your budget and schedule: To finalize the process of creating an ad campaign, you will see the “Budget and Schedule page.” Pick what you can afford and select the scheduling for your ads. Remember, the more money you spend, the more your target audience will see your ads.

4. Create the ads themselves

This step is very crucial and should be carried out carefully and creatively. Since people are attracted by what they see, you should include an image (or several) that will catch your audience’s attention. However, this image(s) should be relevant to what you are offering. You should also include a couple of words that will rouse your audience’s interests and make them want to subscribe to your email list.

The next thing is to include a good call to action. Facebook will provide some “call to action” options. However, you can tell your audience to “Subscribe Now” or “Sign up today” as these fit your goal of collecting emails.

5. Set up an important email campaign for new subscribers

You win every time you get a new subscriber. But if you don’t manage to keep them, then it is a loss. One of the best ways to convince your new subscribers that they have just made a good decision is by creating an excellent first impression. An effective way to do this is by setting up a series of welcome emails that will automatically be delivered to their emails once they subscribe.

You can use these initial emails as an opportunity to explain to your subscribers what they should expect from your email list. You can even provide them with a reward for subscribing. This can be free ebook(s), discounted offers, or exclusive content. Creating a good first impression has a lasting effect on your new subscribers.


Facebook ads are an excellent way to build a quality email list, provided you go about it the right way. Always make sure you test out different things to learn what is working. Try out different images and call-to-action options to know what your audience loves and responds to best. Over time, you will know what works and will be able to run better email marketing campaigns.

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