How to Easily Find the Right Glasses for You

How to Easily Find the Right Glasses for You

How to easily find the right glasses for you. Your facial features create a significant part of your identity. Glasses are essential accessories that you place on your face to correct your vision and protect your eyes from harsh elements, sun glare, and other particles that irritate the eye. Because you wear glasses for almost the entire day and you seldom take them off, glasses are becoming part of your identity and how people recognize you.

If you are planning to wear glasses or looking for a replacement for your old specs, there’s more to consider than just the external appearance of the glasses. Fortunately, there are many eye care professionals, eyewear specialists, and online resources you can consult for choosing the best pair of glasses.

Read on as we share some tips on how to easily find the right glasses for you.

Find a Glass That Fits Your Intended Use

Wearing a pair of glasses doesn’t always mean that your vision is that bad. There are other purposes for wearing glasses such as:

  • Reading assistance – you can see objects clearly, but need glasses to read fine texts.
  • Sports – as protective eyewear for sensitive eyes.
  • Driving – to protect from glaring sunlight and vehicle headlights.

Always prioritize your purpose for using glasses before aligning it with other considerations for choosing the right glasses. It comes to variety and a range of choices. The great eyewear selections from Shark Eyes wholesale sunglasses and eyeglasses and other similar eyewear distributors are even offering discounts. Whether it’s a pair of reading eyeglasses, sports eyeglasses, or driving glasses that you want to buy for others or yourself, large eyewear stores and distributors can offer various selections.

Identify the Size and Shape of Your Face

Refining your eyeglass selection criteria should take into account the size and shape of your face. The external features of your glasses and how they correlate with the features of your face are things you need to consider for your choice of spectacles. Here, we’ll share some of the basics when it comes to choosing the right glass shape that looks great with your face shape.

Square Face

If you see yourself as having a pronounced jaw, broad cheeks, chin, forehead, and an overall angular facial feature, your choice of glass shape can be cat-eye style or aviator glasses. These glass types flatter your angular features and lower the emphasis of your pronounced facial angles.

Round Face

If you have examined your facial features and you see your forehead and cheeks having the same width, your chin being round, and having soft edges in the side, then your face can be considered as round. To give your face a contoured and narrower look, go for rectangular glasses. The frames can be thick or thin, depending on the size of your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

You can consider your face as heart-shaped if you have a broad forehead, pronounced cheekbones, and a tapering chin. Oval, round, or angled glass shapes that are wider at the top can provide contour and balance to the face. Narrow frames also complement the contour of the glass shapes.

Oval Face

If your face has balanced proportions, with a narrow forehead and chin and pronounced cheeks, you have an oval-shaped face. Having this facial feature makes it easy to select different glass shapes because it goes well with round, rectangular, or bold designs. The size of the glass and frames should be proportionate to the size of your face to avoid making it look too long or broad.

Get the Right Glass Size for You

A comfortable fit can be a good reference when it comes to choosing the perfect size of your eyeglasses. There are different aspects of your glass size that need to be considered: the frame size, nose bridge measurement, glass width and height, and temple length.

Glass Width and Height

To have a perfectly covered field of vision, you need to get these measurements right. Having lenses that are too small restricts the field of vision, while larger lenses can obstruct peripheral vision. A good way of measuring these dimensions is to measure the highest and widest points of the glass lens. Your eyes should be comfortably located in between these points.

Frame Size

The size of the frame refers to its width. A good frame selection should fit your face perfectly without that loose or tight feeling. A tight frame can create pressure on the temples while a loose frame can get easily displaced when moving. A good measure of the right frame size is one that fits comfortably without leaving a mark on the skin and one that stays in place when you nod your head.

Nose Bridge Size

This small feature of your eyeglasses is often overlooked but plays a key role in the overall fit of the glasses. The width of the nose bridge is the shortest distance between the lenses below the nose bridge. Modern glass frames should have the measurement information of the bridge size, lens size, and temple length on the undersides of each frame arm or the glass bridge. The size of the bridge is a two-digit number ranging from 14 to 24, where you can select the size that fits the width of your nose and sits securely on your nose when wearing your eyeglasses.

Temple Length

The temple is a measure of how long the arms of the glasses are from end to end. An optician can provide a perfect temple length measurement to fit your facial dimensions. If you are making a direct purchase or selection from an eyewear store, your reliable means of measurement is how the arms sit properly and comfortably. If there is too much room, your glasses can easily fall off or dislodge. If it is too short, the glasses are placed tightly and can create pressure on the temples, and nose, which can lead to headaches.

When you get the basics of your glass features accounted for, it makes choosing the right glasses a lot easier. Remember that comfort and functionality come first before you can look for other aesthetic features in a pair of glasses. Unless you are wearing glasses for fashion, the purpose of wearing eyeglasses should come first and foremost. To sum it all up, you can easily find the right glasses for you by finding a pair that is useful, comfortable, and presentable.

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