How to Encourage the Youth to Play Outdoor Games

How to Encourage the Youth to Play Outdoor Games

In this day and age, it is very difficult to get kids to leave their screens behind, get off the couch, and actually head outside to play. With a large amount of distraction and developments in technology that makes them lazier and lazier each day, fewer kids are resorting to outdoor games. Read on below for a few tips and ways to help get children motivated and interested in playing outdoors. 

Make it a Family Tradition

Kids who grow up with their families making time for bonding through play seem to be more inclined to head outdoors. The sports enthusiasts at recommend installing your own basketball hoop in your backyard that is made with some of the most advanced technology to help them improve their game. That way, you’ll not only be getting your kids used to spending time out of the house but also combine family bonding time with a chance to get them to practice and excel at a specific sport. Nourishing their love for basketball from a young age can really help them build skills and give them a better chance of excelling at the sport, too.

Play with Water

No matter what age a child is, just mention some sort of water fight and you’ll find them running out the door in no time. Whether it’s playing with water guns, sprinklers or having a water balloon fight, there’s something extremely exciting about messing around with water that makes any child want to head out and play. So, whenever the weather permits it, be sure to allow them to get messy and expect a whole lot of laughter and excitement to surface in the process.

How to Encourage the Youth to Play Outdoor Games

Make Use of Nature

One way to get youth to play outdoors is to make an expedition out of it and incorporate what nature has to offer. Whether it’s going on a treasure hunt and finding different elements of nature, exploring the wildlife or searching for worms, getting a child’s hand dirty allows them to be messy and build up their sense of exploration and adventure. This will get them to fall in love with nature and the magnificent things it has to offer. Be sure to take them hiking and teach them how to set up tents, start a fire or make art out of twigs and you’ll have them wanting to go outdoors frequently. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to let them enjoy the pure fun of climbing up a hill and rolling all the way down no matter how dirty or messy they’ll become. 

Have a Sports Day

When the sun finally makes an appearance, it’s a great opportunity to have your children invite their friends over and play sports in your backyard. With large teams, they can play softball or soccer, or you can even prepare outdoor games that are a whole lot of fun such as one-legged races, tug of war or sack races, and watch as your kids and all their friends have an absolute blast. 

Have a Picnic

There’s nothing like good food to encourage the younger generation to head outside. Planning a picnic in an area surrounded by vast greenery and beautiful landscapes is a great way to sit back and relax and have them just run around and play. If you just want to enjoy the weather together, you can always bring along a board game and enjoy laying on the grass and playing a fun game in the sun. Otherwise, just having a ball will allow you to play catch, soccer or just run around together and enjoy the weather. 

Make it Worth It

Whether it’s by offering them a reward or making their time outdoors worth it, it will be so much easier to convince young ones to head outside if it’s a positive experience. Having a treasure hunt, for example, is something that will not only put their investigative skills to good use but will also be worth it in order to find the treasure at the end of the day. Any games that involve some sort of reward or prize will be a great way to motivate the young to get out of their bubble and explore the outside world. 

It’s not always easy convincing children to break free from the distractions that have taken up their interest through technology, but there are a few things that even kids can’t resist. Encouraging them to head out and play and making it an unforgettable experience with one of the above ideas will definitely make them more inclined to do it more often.