How to Exercise and Improve Your Mental Health in the Process

How to Exercise and Improve Your Mental Health in the Process

When it comes to thinking about physical and mental health it’s better to think of them both as different sides of the same entity as they are linked in more ways than you’d expect. When you workout it actually releases endorphins that can make you feel better in your day to day life. If you have a lot of stress on your shoulders exercising regularly can also be an effective way of reducing the impacts of stress on your body and mind. Finally, if you have issues about your body image that cause negative repercussions in your life working out is one of the best means of building up your body and self-confidence. This article will go over three major ways how you can work out and improve your mental health in the process. 

The Role of Endorphins

When you work out and get the blood flowing in your body your brain releases endorphins as a biological result. Endorphins are a group of hormones produced and secreted by the brain which impact many physiological and neurological functions of the body. When you exercise your tear the muscles of your body which usually leads to soreness in those areas but as a countermeasure to this your body releases endorphins to help dull this soreness; you can in a way think of some endorphins as the natural opioids of the body

These endorphins don’t only help you feel less sore after exercising they can also naturally help you relax. As a result of all these neurological impacts caused by the release of endorphins, many people tend to feel a lot happier and less anxious after workouts which is the main reason why so many mental health workers suggest working out to help relieve symptoms of depression and even anxiety disorders. 

Reduction of Stress

In our modern-day society we often have to deal with stressful situations that are often outside of our control which can lead to even more stress but luckily there’s an easy solution to help reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind. Stress, in general, can be a good thing since it can help motivate you to accomplish tasks and take action but being exposed to prolonged stress can cause your body to release cortisol which can cause negative impacts on you both mentally and physically. If this is a topic that you wish to learn more about luckily you can find helpful articles all over the internet. 

High levels of cortisol can lead to adverse physical health effects such as high blood pressure and are linked to cardiovascular diseases such as strokes but they can also cause you to feel anxious as well as lower your overall mood. Luckily, working out is a great means of lowering your cortisol levels making you feel less stressed and reducing the negative impacts of it on your body. 

Improve Your Self Image 

Your body image and self-confidence are connected in more ways than you’d expect so if you suffer from a poor body image, working out can make you feel better about your body and make you feel more confident. If you have a poor body image this can lead to many mental health problems like high anxiety and even impair you in social situations if you have low confidence. These concerns could stem from you being overweight or having a lack of muscle definition but the good news is that you can easily correct these body image issues by working out regularly. By working out you’ll build muscle tone while losing weight leading to a better image of yourself which in turn will make you feel more confident and happier in your own skin. 

How to Exercise and Improve Your Mental Health in the Process

What you do to your body directly impacts your mental health and vice versa so it’s of critical importance that you properly take care of both. Working out can help you feel happier throughout your day due to the endorphins released during exercise. If you find you’re under a great deal of stress and this is having negative impacts on your life, physical exercise can directly help reduce the impacts of stress on your body and mind leading to a higher quality of life. 

Finally, if you have a poor body image and find that you’re lacking confidence because of it, working out and improving your body can be a great way of feeling better about your body and can drastically boost confidence as a result. When looking at one’s health it’s critical to take a holistic approach that incorporates both mental and physical health as both are intertwined. So next time you hit the gym don’t think of it as just improving your body, think of it as improving your mental health as well!