How to Find the Best Labour Hire Company in Brisbane, Queensland

labour hire

With over thirty-two per cent of its population being foreign-born, Brisbane is undoubtedly among the most livable global cities. Besides a plethora of retail chains, cosmetic companies, food outlets, and other businesses, the city is also known for its flourishing construction industry.

Invariably, folks in the construction sector are perpetually on the lookout for the best labour hire in Brisbane, hoping to find reliable workers for various projects. But selecting the right workforce provider can be tricky for new companies in Brisbane or those venturing into the construction world for the first time.

So, refer to the following vital points that can help you land the most reliable and quick-working professionals for your commercial or residential building projects.

Look for an agency with a solid reputation

The immediate thing to do is to check the reputation of the local labour hire agency you wish to use. That’s because reputation is everything in the services industry, and you can easily track it through review sites like Google and others.

Typically, a respected supplier will list authenticated reviews on their website for potential visitors to browse, proving their legitimacy. Hiring a Brisbane company with at least a couple of years of experience also helps, as it will ensure you avail of the most trustworthy individuals for your projects.

Consider the kinds of jobs they do

The construction industry is booming in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland, with several new real estate listings appearing each year. Consequently, many different types of local companies offer labour hire services that focus on diverse commercial and residential construction jobs.

However, others focus on manufacturing, retail, and warehousing, too, extending services to business owners that need new structures for their work. If you desire to find a company that offers a diverse workforce, these are a few vital things to consider so that you hire an agency that meets your requirements.

You can check hiring costs, too, which typically costs around $30 an hour and above in Brisbane. However, the exact rates will differ based on the agency, project type, market trends, and other critical aspects.

Find out what their hiring process is like

Find out what the agency’s hiring process is like to know the type of labour to expect from them. For instance, do they run background checks on all the people that sign up with them? Also, ensure they can provide the licence and registration for each worker, enabling you to have the peace of mind that they are trustworthy professionals.

Generally, good agencies in Brisbane provide diverse, qualified personnel, such as forklift drivers, electrical spotters, hoist operators, carpenters, EWP operators, traffic controllers, and more. Also, they usually provide the workforce to different areas in Melbourne and Sydney besides Brisbane.

Ensure they prioritise health and safety

It is vital to ensure safety at the workplace, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of a task. Invariably, you should look for a reputable company for labour hire in Brisbane that prioritises the health and safety of the workers they provide. In other words, they ensure the workforce meets all the essential regulations and guidelines, performing challenging tasks efficiently with a mitigated risk of accidental falls and other mishaps.

So, always use a trusted company providing reliable labour for your Brisbane construction project.