How to Go Green and Be Fashionable at The Same Time

How to Go Green and Be Fashionable at The Same Time

Since the fashion industry has proven to be one of the largest commercial polluters in the world, people worldwide are becoming more aware of what they are wearing and it might be affecting the environment. Compared to other industries, fashion is the most rapidly changing market as consumers are encouraged to constantly upgrade their closet to catch up with the latest trends. We may have a strong inclination to protect the environment, but deep down inside, there’s something that makes us still reluctant to put the environment ahead of our wardrobe.

The good news is that going green does not prevent you from being fashionable. With the emerging concept of sustainable fashion, we are now able to live and breathe the latest fashion trends but stay eco-friendly at the same time! 

Check out these expert tips and join the global environmental movement without sacrificing your passion for fashion!

Recycled Clothes

The first tip for going green whilst staying super fashionable is to buy clothes made from recycled materials. Fashionistas and cultural influencers worldwide have been championing recycled clothes over the last few years and this has led to a huge uptake in the trend. 

As well as recycled clothes, there are some great recycled footwear options available. As one of the major pollutants discovered in the oceans is polyurethane from flip flops, switching to recycled flip flops can dramatically reduce the number of pollutants in the oceans. There are many styles available and these recycled eco flip flops are made from a range of recycled materials including rubber from old car tires, plastic that has washed up on beaches and sustainable cork, and hemp. With major brands like Adidas on board, switching to recycled clothes is one easy step you can make to be more eco-friendly and still look your best.

Buy New clothes but be Selective

Buying new clothes is OK. However, buying your clothes with more careful consideration is the very first step to becoming more eco-friendly. Stop being obsessed with fast fashion brands, go for those with more commitments over sustainability. Brands that are driven by environmental responsibility tend to make clothes from organic fabrics such as natural cotton, bamboo, linen, and wool. 

Not only are many fast fashion brands dismissive of environmental issues but a lot of cheap clothing is often made in sweatshops under poor working conditions. Be mindful not only about the materials your clothes are made from but also how they were manufactured. Ultimately, environmental problems and human rights problems are intrinsically linked so it’s important that we all stay alert to the issues.

Shop at Second-Hand Stores

Major brands release a new range of clothes every season and quite often their customers throw away all the clothes that are suddenly out of fashion. It is such a huge waste as there is no need to buy new clothes every time you want to freshen up your look. What is someone else’s old look is completely new to you, so do not hesitate to visit a second-hand store or flea market. You can find loads of fashionable stuff at really great prices. 

You should never be embarrassed about buying second-hand things whether it is clothing or anything else. Modern consumer society is incredibly wasteful and it is causing so much damage to our planet. Buying second-hand things are something that you should be proud of and once your friends see you doing it, their interest is sure to be piqued. 

Be Creative and Mix & Match 

Who says high-fashion is always about the hottest new items? Make the most of the items you already have in your closet by shuffling them. The long white dress you wear on Monday for date night can be mixed with a blazer for work on Friday. Learn different ways to utilize your clothes. It’s amazing how different a blazer can look just by changing the way you cuff the sleeves. Accessories can also help you to mix and match and the flexible use of a necklace, a scarf, or a belt can transform an outfit. 

If in Doubt, DIY!

As well as mixing and matching, you can also challenge your style dexterity by practicing some fashion DIY. With a little creativity, an old T-shirt can be magically transformed into a unique and super stylish tank top! DIY clothes are great because they cost absolutely nothing and have no negative impact at all on the environment.

How to Go Green and Be Fashionable at The Same Time

There should never be a trade-off between fashion and the environment. We can easily manage both by making some simple adjustments to the way we look at clothes. With just a few small changes, we can make a huge difference to our planet