How To Host The Wine Tasting Party: 7 Important Tips

How To Host The Wine Tasting Party

Throwing and attending wine tasting parties is so much fun. It revives old memories and revitalizes the present. Call over your friends and family and see a gush of excitement fill the air. A wine-and-cheese party takes the celebration to the next level. The drinks, the music, the invitee list infuses merriment into the evening hours.     

Hosting a wine tasting party is the trickier part. You have to deal with the setup, timing, ordering the right wine, and coming up with a theme. Then there are finer details involved, like the wine party décor, the wine & food pairings, the glassware, and the playlist that may need some experience and hand-holding. However, you need not get disheartened. Here are some tips on how to pull off your wine tasting get-together with no hiccups.

Select Wine Party Theme

How To Host The Wine Tasting Party

When you select well-curated wines based on a specific theme, you will attract lots of enthusiastic wine drinkers. Most wine tastings involve four to eight different wines with a common theme. You may base your wine variety on the following parameters:

Regional: This focuses on specialty wines from a particular area or region. For example, Napa Valley, USA, is famous for Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir wines, whereas Piedmont in Italy is popular for Italian wines like Barolo, Gavi, Barbaresco, and Moscato Bianco. 

Varietal: Involves the same wine varietal but from different regions. For example; Chardonnay wine from Burgundy, Margaret River, Napa Valley, Mendoza and the Rheinhessen.

Bold wines: These are dark-colored full-bodied red wines with high tannins.

Elegant wines: Lightest red wines with fewer tannins like Pinot Noir

Vintage wines: This shows wine bottles made in the same year. 

Vegan Wines: Wine fanatics may love to learn about natural Vegan Wine that doesn’t use animal-derived fining agents as part of the winemaking process 

Decide The Wine Tasting Venue

How To Host The Wine Tasting Party

There are many ways to organize a wine tasting party. Whether formal sit-down or casual cocktail-style, try to keep the wine tasting low-key. Intimate wine get-togethers will encourage guests to taste wines in a comfortable setting. 

At-home wine tasting parties avoid the chaos of a bar environment and the distractions you may face at a professional winery. A room or lounge with plenty of light and good airflow can be the ideal location for wine tasting. Avoid tasting and serving wine in a dark area or basement with dim light. Free the wine tasting room from the annoying scents of the food made the previous day. Savoring wines in high-aromatic areas can affect your wine-appreciating palate. 

Plan The Guest Size

How To Host The Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting party may seem like a get-together for all. Get your focus right by inviting your wine-loving friends and followers. Call over a fixed guest size of 7-10 people for better management. A manageable guest size will better your chances of socializing and mixing with the invitees, pick a conversation and involve everyone right up until the last bottle of wine.    

Call in certified wine sommeliers for at-home wine tasting. This will provide learning opportunities and proficiency on wine and beverage theory to both new and experienced wine-drinkers. 

Source Unique Wine

After deciding the wine tasting theme and location, it is time to decide on the wine repertoire. Some party hosts arrange the wine themselves, keeping in mind the guests’ preferences. Some may explore serving Old World wine with lower alcohol and less fruity flavor, whereas some may prefer serving New World wine with high alcohol, distinct fruit flavors, and a fuller body.

Another option is to ask each guest to contribute a bottle each for wine tasting. This helps with diversity and allows your guests to contribute to the wine discussion. Work out the price range of the wine bottles to be selected for the wine tasting and the number of bottles each participant should bring. You can also order your wine preferences on online wine retailers.

Choose The Right Playlist

Wine and music are inseparable. Playing the right music modulates the wine experience and controls the sensory aspect of tasting. Music can influence the perceived sweetness, acidity, and fruitiness of the wine. So, playing a suitable soundtrack may help you transport your guests to the location of the wines they are tasting.

Play music corresponding to the source of wine. If your guests like to taste New World wine, play Zeppelin rock or the Masterpieces by Ellington LP album. Once you decide on the playlist, keep the volume low. Make sure the background music enhances the ambiance and is a mood-setter.  

Organize Wine Party Essentials

Make an itemized checklist for your wine tasting party. Must-haves include palate cleansers, spitoons, wine pourers, a decanter, a wine glass marker, wine glassware, a corkscrew,  distilled water, tasting sheets, pencils or pens, bags for covering the original wine bottle label.

Avoid tinted glassware as wine color is a vital aspect in comparing wines. Insist on getting optimal lighting during wine tasting.  

Work On Appetizers And Munchies

How To Host The Wine Tasting Party

Snacks are as important in a wine tasting party as the wine itself. Though wine and cheese complement each other well, avoid serving cheese at the start. Serve plain crackers and sliced baguettes in between wines to help with palate-cleansing.   

Explore gourmet cheese, olives, pâté, fruits, nuts, cured meats, vegetable sticks for wine pairings. Get creative by stuffing your olives with cheese and jalapeno peppers.

Final Thoughts

Explore a Blind Wine Tasting theme for your wine experience event. Remove the wine labels from the bottles and get your guests to taste and rate the wines. It will inspire joie de vivre and bring many happy moments.