How To Keep in Touch With Your Family While Living In Australia

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If you’ve made the life changing step to move to Australia, whether it’s for a gap year or you’ve relocated permanently, keeping in touch with your family and friends back home can be hard. There is a big time difference to contend with and the fact that you’ll be leading a busy life down under. However, there are some easy ways to keep in touch with people back home.

Chat Online

Gone are the days of expensive international phone bills, you can now chat with your friends and family across the world online. Whether you’re using free messaging services, like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, or setting up video calls over Skype technology has made it easy to keep in touch with people back home. Social media is a great tool for sharing pictures of your adventures and receiving them from the people you miss. Of course, if you’re going to be calling home you’ll need to make sure you’ve worked out the time difference first. Some parts of Australia are 9 hours ahead of the UK, so you need to avoid waking everyone up in the middle of the night!

Send Postcards

It might seem old fashioned but if you’re leading a busy life, taking the time to send a postcard from your latest adventure is a quick and easy way to keep in touch. It’s become cheaper than ever to send letter and parcels internationally, so you don’t need to worry about expensive posting costs. Your friends and family will love receiving these short and sweet updates about what you’ve been up to. Writing your experiences down on a postcard will also help you to remember them better and will give you some talking points next time you have the time to phone home. This is also a great option if your family are not very social media savvy or don’t have access to the internet.

Ask For Care Packages

Being away in another country for a long time can leave you missing some home comforts. Perhaps it’s a certain brand of chocolate bar or other snacks that you can’t get in Australia, or maybe you’re just missing something that you forgot to bring with you. Luckily there are plenty of cheap parcel delivery solutions for posting packages internationally, so you can receive a regular care package from home to stop you feeling homesick! Plus, missing big events like birthdays and Christmases can seem strange in your first year away from home. Sending or receiving a gift on these special occasions can help to make the transition easier. It shows people that you are thinking of them and vice versa.

Write a Blog

Travel blogging has become a really popular pastime in recent years. Some people have even become overnight internet sensations through their blogs. You might not make money from your blog straight away but it’s still a great way to share your experiences with your friends and family, as well as the rest of the world! Again, a blog is the ultimate solution for tackling the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world. It also saves you the time and effort having to write regular emails or messages. You can simply write a post and upload it and people back home can read it the next day or whenever they have time. There are plenty of free hosting websites that are simple to use, so it won’t take long to get your blog started.

Create a Schedule

For young travellers, living in a far away country like Australia can be a daunting prospect. Of course, you will learn to become more independent over time and you’ll meet many new people to go on adventures with. But, at first, being alone in a foreign country can be quite isolating. If you think you might need regular contact with home to help you settle in, don’t be afraid to set up a schedule with your friends and family. Find a time that works for everyone and give them a call once a week to update them about everything you’ve been doing. Even if you are settled, and have been having a great time in your new home, it’s always nice to hear a familiar voice.

These are just some of the ways that you can keep in touch with home while living in Australia. Technology has made it easier than ever to manage long-distance friendships and relationships. Online messengers are perfect for keeping communication costs down but if you’re family aren’t very clued in on the internet and social media you can always resort to old fashioned methods like sending letters or cheap parcels.

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