How to Make the Best Travel Videos and Grow Your YouTube Channel?

How to Make the Best Travel Videos and Grow Your YouTube Channel

Travel videos have their ability to virtually transport the viewer to any destination that the video creator talks about. Anyone can create a YouTube channel and upload travel videos today. But how do you make yours stand out in the crowd? How can you grow your YouTube channel? Great content, consistent delivery, and efficient video editing tools are all that you need to begin with. Then comes the continuous efforts on keeping your channel up-to-date and in line with what the audience is looking for.

What Kind of Travel Videos Should You Create?

To begin with, there is one main decision to make – would you be there in your videos or not? Videos with the content creator being present in the frame can be easier to connect with, but several YouTube channels have been successful even without a face appearing. The type of videos you make also has a role to play in this decision. 

For videos that talk about general information about destinations, say the history or say a list of the most popular tourist spots in the locations might not actually need the creator to appear in the frame. However, if you are making a travelogue, it would better connect with the audience if you appeared in the videos. The first thing about making travel videos and growing your YouTube channel is to be sure about the type of videos you would create:

  • Travelogue: This is the one where you actually visit the destinations and talk about your travel experience as a whole. 
  • Theme based videos: These are the ones where you create a niche and then tweak all your videos to align with it. You could talk about all the train routes of a particular country or all the camping destinations, beach holiday favorites, and more. 
  • Reviews or lists: These are videos where you create short and informative guides for travelers who are looking for information about the places they plan to visit. 

Traits of a Good Travel Video

Once you have set your mind on the type of videos to make, then comes paying attention to every little detail:

  • Introduction that grabs attention: Use any popular online intro maker tool if you want. Your introduction should give a sneak-peek into your videos without revealing too much. Start creating a brand image for your channel and use this introduction segment to plant your brand identity in your audience’s mind. 
  • Ideal length: Let’s face it, even for their most favorite destinations, most viewers might not be willing to watch a very long compilation. Keeping your videos less than 10 minutes long improves your viewers’ chances of actually watching the whole video. 
  • CTA: Call-to-action is the key to customer engagement on any social media platform, and YouTube is no exception. Ask your viewers to like, share, and subscribe to your channel after delivering content that is worth sharing. Besides this, you can also encourage comments or even ask for suggestions on the destination that your viewers would like to see next, etc. 
  • YouTube SEO: Take the geographical parameters into consideration and do a bit of research on the keywords that help your videos rank better in YouTube search. After all, what use would a great video be if it doesn’t appear among the first few entries on the search page!
  • Title and description say it all: A title that incorporates the keyword and a short description that tells why someone should watch your video can greatly impact your viewership. 
  • Other essentials: A great thumbnail makes a visual impact even before the viewer reads the title. Subtitles help expand your reach beyond language barriers, and relevant tags with keywords help with the ranking. 

If there is one thing that stands above all these parameters, it is the quality of the video itself. Use YouTube video editor tools and more to make your videos look great.

Enhance Your Travel Video Quality

Choosing the right video recording equipment, editing the videos appropriately, and uploading them with great music are some of the main tasks involved in improving a travel video’s quality. 

  • A great travel video begins with a great camera. Use a good digital camera with reliable image stabilization to enjoy blur-free videos, especially when you do travelogues. Some high-end action cameras work well for videos captured in a moving vehicle. 
  • Invest in a good tripod to put yourself in your video frame in all those scenic locations you find. A monopod would work for lightweight point and shoot cameras.
  • A good microphone makes a great combination with your camera. Have you noticed how some video creators amplify the video’s effects by capturing the silence in the wilderness and delivering clear reproduction of the sounds of ambiance in their videos? Get a sensitive microphone for effective video captures. If you plan to create your videos sitting at home, you might still need a great microphone for pristine voice overs. 
  • Video editing software will be a worthy investment if you are serious about your travel YouTube channel’s growth. The carefully captured high definition videos would make more sense if you edit them well and spin a nice story. Videos that tell a story would have your audience keep coming back for more and result in better audience retention. Trim out the blurry parts, add coherence to scenes, and make the video visually appealing. 
  • Setting the mood right in a travel video and enhancing the overall impact also depends on the background music you use in your videos. Right from the YouTube intro of your video to where you present the actual content, you can achieve the desired effect by choosing a suitable music track. 

Once you have set the tone right for your YouTube channel, add consistency to your upload schedule. Present content regularly and always adds a little hint about your upcoming videos at the end of each video. Continuous engagement with the viewers is the key to steady popularity of your YouTube channel. Respond to comments, conduct live sessions, and develop creative ways to keep up the interaction if you are looking for steady growth. With all these little steps, you can have a flourishing YouTube travel channel slowly and steadily.