How to Make Your Dream Golf Trip to Ireland a Reality

How to make your dream golf trip to Ireland a reality

Most of the people think that an Irish golf vacation is a luxury event that 
an investment bankers or other wealthy people enjoy once in a lifetime. But things have changed a lot over time. At present golf trip to Ireland is more budget-friendly than ever been. Many factors are supportive like cheaper air tickets, affordable deals from the travel planner, easy availability of rental cars and many other things. If you give yourself a Little push with additional local knowledge, then you can easily plan your dream golf trip to Ireland. Check out the following useful tips which will help you to plan the Ireland golf trip within your budget.

Book Air Tickets in Advance

You should book the air tickets in advance by a couple of months if you can or check select flight watching websites regularly to track flight prices. Most of the airlines offer a high value of money if you booked a couple of months ago and the discount can be up to 40%. It’s essential to plan this kind of trip with a very close group of friends, relatives or people that can be trusted. So there are no last-minute dropouts that can cause logistical headaches.

Smart Money Management

Using a credit card without international fees is wise. Avoid Money exchange at the airport. It’s always better to exchange money at your bank at home to avoid costly fees overseas. The Republic of Ireland uses the euro, and Northern Ireland uses the pound.

Pack Conscientiously

It’s always recommended to carry clothes to protect yourself from the rain as it’s there’s no guessing when this might happen. You Can also carry extra stuff in a golf bag which is a great way to ensure you can get away with carryon luggage. Most courses don’t have any golf carts, so it’s essential to don’t carry extra stuff in a golf bag on the course. And don’t forget to pack enough golf balls as they can be a little pricey in Irish pro shops. 

Secure Your Trip With Cheap Travel Insurance

For any journey, it is essential to have travel insurance, and golf trip isn’t the exception. The insurance will cover many unexpected mishappening that might ruin your trip like booking cancellation due to a flight delay, loss of baggage or injury/hospitalisation while playing. Travel insurance covers all such risks (and many others) which will secure your trip and get you compensation for your inconvenience. It is easy to find and compare cheap travel insurance quotes online in a few minutes from an Irish travel insurance website, i.e. I have used it personally, and very satisfied with its customer support helpline.

Play Early Morning or Late Evening

You will always get decent discounts if you are willing to play early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The days are longer in Ireland during the summer as compare to most of the USA. Tralee Golf Club in Ireland, for example, offers a hefty discount of 15% for tee times an early morning.

Preplan where to go

After setting a budget, this will allow choosing the courses on which to play. Is important to be cautious on selecting a doable itinerary as travelling in Ireland is hard because of the narrow roads. For example, Old Head Golf Links of Kinsale sits near Cork so looking for more courses near that location is the ideal.

Don’t miss tour operator’s offers

You shouldn’t forget that golf tour operators are professional tour planners. Tour operators also offer golf trip at amazing Price that can be within your reach and including fantastic golf courses that you might never have heard. So there might be various moving parts to plan a perfect and comfortable golf trip, but it shouldn’t be a matter of stress and more about focusing on the things that can contol.