How To Move Stress-Free Into Another State

How To Move Stress-Free Into Another State

Moving has always been a major decision especially among people who like to think things through. But the same cannot be said to spontaneous individuals. Nonetheless, it’s also an exciting time in your life and an opportunity for you to start over and completely transform your life. But when you consider the stresses involved in moving, this excitement can be short-lived. There are so many aspects that revolve around a major move. This is especially true when moving from one state to another.

Now, whether you’re moving to a different state to advance your studies, a career move or you want to be closer to your spouse, you’ll need to carefully plan and anticipate that it will be challenging, stressful, and overwhelming. But there are ways to get around these challenges and achieve a hustle free interstate move. If you’re reading through this article, it can only mean that this is exactly what you want to achieve. 

With that out of the way, below are tips on how to move stress-free into another state.

1. It Starts With a Sensible Plan

The first thing you want to do is make a realistically achievable plan. Most people before moving have these unrealistic expectations that come to think about it, end up sending them off course from their original plans. There are so many moving logistics you also need to factor in in your interstate moving plans. To make it simpler, start with a well-written to-do list. Your to-do list will help you to stick to a limited timeline. Other things to include in your plans include a budget allocation. While moving can be stressful, it will also be expensive.

Some arrangements such as hiring a moving company, accommodation, and setting up new utilities can eat into your finances. If your move has been paid for by your organization or company, good for you. But to the rest who have to incur all these costs out of pocket and want to achieve a stress-free move, it’s important that you get your finances in order!

2. Finding the Right Moving Company

How To Move Stress-Free Into Another State

Nothing helps relieve the hustle and stress of moving from one state to another more than a moving company. When planning, don’t forget to make room for a moving company in your budget. Doug Breaker on his reviews on some of the best moving companies in Washington, suggests that when moving home in Washington, it’s important that you carefully scrutinize the moving company before signing the dotted lines. The same goes for those moving to different locations and must rely on such services. Among the factors that you’ll need to consider when hiring an interstate mover include:

  • Licenses and credentials – Interstate moving companies should be licensed and properly credited by the right authorities. So before you hire them, ensure to check their licenses.
  • Insurance – When hiring a moving company, whether local or interstate, it’s important to ensure that they have an insurance policy in place to protect your valuable goods in case of loss or damages.
  • Experienced moving staff – This is a crucial consideration when hiring a moving company because you just don’t want to hire a moving company that has employed inexperienced staff. Experienced staff will demonstrate high levels of professionalism when handling your belongings.
  • Binding contracts and quotes – Before hiring a moving company, there needs to be a contract that will help to put both you and the company in agreeable terms. In addition to this, it’s important that you also provide them with appropriate details of what you intend to move, when you intend to move, and whether you’d like any special services such as moving pets and other valuable goods separately. This way, they can give you an accurate quote prior to the move.

3. Get Organized

Whether you’re handling the moving logistics on your own or are relying on a professional moving company, you must get yourself organized. This means keeping your essential documents and information in one place, decluttering to avoid paying for unwanted things and labeling your boxes. Doing this will set you free, creating more time for you to attend to other important tasks while at the same time, giving you an easier move.

4. Prepare Your New House Ahead Of Time

Prepare Your New House

Some moving companies have these services included in their packages which is, of course, a great way to minimize some costs. But if you can, it’s a great idea to just have a glimpse of the situation in your new home by personally attending to some cleaning tasks weeks or days before the move. This will make things easier for you on arrival day.

5. Seek Help

Going it alone will only cause burnout. Enlisting help will get things done quickly and cost-effectively. You can always ask your friends for help when packing or when lifting heavy stuff. No man is an island and we need each other to make it in life. However, don’t forget to reward the helpers with a hearty meal when the job’s done.

Finally, it’s important that you take care of yourself. Moving up and down, lifting objects, and the planning process can take a toll on both your physical and psychological health. Drink lots of fluids, get enough sleep, and laugh when you can because hey, life has to go on! Take the above tips to heart and you’ll find yourself sitting comfortably in your new home in no time.