How to Plan Out Your Melbourne Hospital Stay

How to Plan Out Your Melbourne Hospital Stay

It’s likely that you didn’t envisage a hospital visit when you are planning your Melbourne itinerary. The fact is, life happens and supporting friends and family in their hour of need is what life is all about. If you’re not familiar with Melbourne city and the spread of hospitals, know that your accommodation choice will largely dictate how easy your stay will be. So before you pack your bags, consider these planning tips for a seamless Melbourne hospital stay.

Base yourself central

Being in a central spot is going to save you a lot of hassles, especially when hospital updates, visiting hours and rest times can be so unpredictable. The Royal Melbourne Hospital is one of the better-known hospitals in Melbourne, and the first choice for many Melbourne residents. Finding the right Royal Melbourne Hospital accommodation will place you in a tactical position in North Melbourne, close to many other amenities that will set you up for a comfortable stay.

When it comes to stays like this, serviced apartments are going to be the better option, as they afford you more room to spread out and prepare meals, with the option of extending your stay without the hotel price tag. Your Royal Melbourne Hospital accommodation should also be quite close to the central tramlines, with many trams intersecting at this pivotal spot. While this may not be a leisure stay, you are still on the doorstep to many Melbourne hotspots.

Arrival to Melbourne

Are you flying into Melbourne or driving? Regardless of how you arrive for your Melbourne stay, you will want to plan out the specifics to avoid any bottlenecks. If you are driving into Melbourne, make sure that your accommodation is expecting your vehicle. If you intend on driving straight to the hospital, you may need to pre-organise this and pay a fee for the intended duration of your visit.

Flying into Melbourne allows for a few more options into Royal Melbourne Hospital. You can catch the SkyBus to a central city spot (Collins Street or Southern Cross Station), and from there you can catch a short tram to North Melbourne or use a taxi/Uber service. If you have committed to an appointment at the hospital for you or a loved one, allow a buffer of time that will accommodate the unpredictable Melbourne traffic or long lines to catch the SkyBus.

Amenities and care packages

Too many times have we all packed something we know to be unnecessary, only to rely on that item completely. When it comes to your hospital stay, it’s a great idea to pack a substantial amenities bag/care package for you (if you are the one visiting the hospitals) or your loved one. This will be a real-life raft when those creature comforts of the home feel far, far away. You can also add a little Melbourne flavour to your pack by ducking out to Queen Victoria Market, which is only a walking distance away, and get a couple of sweet and savoury treats. Queen Victoria Markets are well known for their fare, and may just be the missing ingredient to bring a smile on those miserable days in the hospital.

Planning will be your only line of defence against a stressful hospital stay. Start with booking the best accommodation option for your needs that will allow you total flexibility in your visiting. Having a clear understanding of how you will get to your accommodation and the hospital will also ease your mind, so do your due diligence before you hit Melbourne ground. From there, all that is left is grabbing those iconic powder doughnuts for Queen Victoria Markets to brighten those hospital days.