How to Start Planning for Your First Post-Pandemic Travel

How to Start Planning for Your First Post-Pandemic Travel

COVID-19 essentially froze the travel and tourism industry around the world. The fear of human-to-human viral infection might reshape the industry and our travel habits for good. While it’s unclear when active traveling will resume, most of us are eagerly waiting for interstate and international borders to reopen so we can get out of our homes and go literally anywhere else. In Australia, states are starting to ease the border restrictions allowing citizens to travel at least within the states before reopening interstate movement.

If you have been daydreaming about your next trip, here are some tips to help you plan your adventure in the new world post COVID-19 and make the most of it. 

1. Start with Low-Risk Destinations First

It is likely that borders will open up in phases. There are two sets of risks you should think about. First, you want to make sure where you’re going has had zero cases for a while and has opened the borders only to a select group of people. Second, you want to make sure that if you do get trapped there due to another outbreak, you can either be easily brought back home or access basic necessities such as good healthcare where you may be quarantined for some period of time. You want to think about these factors now we’ve seen what ignoring or underestimating these risks could lead to. 

Australia, New Zealand, and some European and Baltic countries have committed to creating coronavirus-safe travel bubbles so that citizens in low infection rate areas can travel freely. Finding a destination in these bubbles will be the best first bet. Experts also speculate that coronavirus could spread faster in lower temperature so travelers might be better off finding warmer places. And who can complain about going to a sunny, beach resort? 

2. Find Non-Crowded Activities to Enjoy

Surely we are all eager to be out in nature and do all kinds of fun activities while on our first trip but we also want to be careful about interacting with too many people when we’d still be on the recovery road. Try to find activities where there’s a limited number of people allowed such as kayaking, hot air balloon, skydiving, jet-skiing, etc. You’ll want to avoid places like waterparks or festivals where large crowds are expected. 

3. Update What You Pack in Your Suitcases

Masks and hand sanitisers should now be part of your everyday purse. You want to make sure that you are not caught in the second wave of the pandemic if there was to be one. Since you are going to be active outside and cannot be sure how often you’ll be able to access restrooms, make sure you constantly clean your hands with your hand sanitizers. If you need to walk through urban, crowded areas, wear your mask. It is a temporary and worthy measure to ensure the safety of yourself and others. 

4. Get Your Body Back 

Many of us have put on some weight during the quarantine with gyms being closed and our ability to roam around being strictly limited. What better motivation to have to get back into your fitness routine than having a fit body on your trip? Get your groove and self-confidence back! You can also get simple procedures such as CoolSculpting at specialised clinics such as Cosmos Clinic so that you get to jump start your weight loss. Think about what we’ve been through. We all deserve to get a little boost and shortcuts to happiness. 

5. Take and Upload So Many Pictures 

Documenting your travel might come naturally especially after not being able to travel for such a long period of time. However, you should document and upload pictures more diligently to help all the vendors and players in the tourism industry who had been hit the hardest by the pandemic-driven economic shutdown. Help local businesses by sharing great reviews, tempting pictures, and thoughtful recommendations for other fellow travelers.