How to Start Using Cannabis-Based Products to Improve Your Health


There are two types of people in the world when it comes to those who are using cannabis. Those who do it recreationally and then there are those who employ it for medical purposes because it helps them combat various health issues.

Besides being beneficial for our overall well-being, you can also utilize it if you want to unwind, be more creative and enhance your focus. What’s great about it is the fact that it’s relatively affordable, yet very effective.

But what about people who’ve never used marijuana, yet would live to give it a try? No problem! If that’s the case with you, then all you have to do is to check out these informative facts below to avoid making any mistakes along the way.

Useful Guide For Inexperienced Cannabis Users

Where Can You Get It?

In these types of situations, you must be very careful. At the end of the day, you do not want to purchase something that’s not tested, otherwise, you may end up with something that’s not only ineffective but can also potentially jeopardize your health.

So what’s at your disposal? Keep in mind that it has to be someone reliable. You can either contact a reputable clinic that is capable of prescribing medical marijuana or buy it from legal retail sources. Don’t forget that only cannabis that has been tested in a laboratory for safety should be purchased.

In case you didn’t know, three years ago, there was a huge outbreak of lung injuries that were caused by vaporized cannabis oil. Back then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that a vast majority of these injuries were caused by vitamin E acetate, which was found in products that were obtained from unreliable street sources.

That’s precisely why it’s crucial to acquire cannabis only from the places and people you trust. When buying at a licensed cannabis dispensary, you will notice that the label also showcases the amount of cannabis that is in the product.

Physicians typically recommend patients opt for products with a balance of both CBD and THC. On the other hand, scientists think that it would be much better if people purchased products that contain low levels of THC.

Different Types Of Cannabis

There are four types of cannabis. Before you buy anything, first determine your reasons for this type of purchase. Is it because you want to enhance your current health situation, or is it something else? Below, we’ll discuss each of these sorts:

  • Sativa – if you want to accentuate your creative side and boost your energy, then you should definitely opt for this one. It enhances concentration, increases energy, and stimulates your mind.
  • Indica – if you’re tired from all the tasks and obligations you’ve had throughout the day, then Indica may be of huge help. It will help you unwind, relax both your body and soul, alleviate pain and increase your appetite.
  • Hybrid – if you’re in the mood for something that’s going to simultaneously relax you and boost your mood, then this just might be your next choice. With hybrid, you’ll feel something that’s between relaxation and excitement, plus it is the best of both worlds (Indica & Sativa).
  • CBD – one of the best things that you can do (in terms of your health) is to obtain CBD. It’s perfect for pain relief, decreases inflammation, is a great “sidekick” for anyone who struggles with cancer, and should be given to your body to speed up recovery after exercise.

Adding More Helpful Information Below

What Type Of Cannabis Product Should You Opt For?

The market is huge (this refers to regulated ones) when it comes to cannabis-based products. Bear in mind that there are four categories of products and each of them comes with different effects.

For instance, if you decide to smoke or inhale cannabis, then you will almost instantly feel the effects of it since in these instances THC goes straight into the oxygen-rich blood in your lungs and then goes directly to your brain.

Precisely because of this, you will be high immediately and this sensation is going to last from two to three hours.

What about edibles or beverages? Once THC is swallowed, it must pass through the GI before it goes straight into your bloodstream. Therefore, it will take approximately two hours for you to feel the effects of THC.

The effects of edibles (or any other similar products) normally tend to peak at around two hours, however, they can last up to twelve.


Even though cannabis is generally considered safe, it still wouldn’t hurt to get yourself familiar with all the basics before you start consuming it. After all, you can never be too safe right? If you agree with us, then go through this article once again.