How To Stay Safe Whilst Travelling Western Australia

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As Australia’s largest State, WA offers an enormous amount of diversity for any traveller. From the bustling city of Perth to the remote outback of the Kimberley Region the differences are almost incomprehensible for a green backpacker to Perth.

Like most destinations around the world you should always consider how to best look after yourself to make sure you capitalise on the amount of fun and adventure there is to have. After all Australia may be an English speaking country, but it still may be a foreign country to you, so to make sure you get the most out of backpacking across WA here’s a few tips on how to stay safe whilst touring Australia’s west coast.


It may sound like a basic tip, but with such a thin ozone layer, it only takes a moment to burn and get skin damage, so if you don’t want to spend days on end nursing yourself with Aloe Vera and fans for the sake of half an hour in the sun, make sure you slap on the factor 50! After all you don’t want to return home looking like an old leather handbag.

Emergency Numbers

Whether you’re visiting a city or decide to go off into the bush, it’s important to make sure you know what number to call should something go wrong whilst travelling. When it comes to WA the emergency number is 000. So make sure you commit that to memory before setting off anywhere – especially if you are travelling alone!

Beach Safety

With WA’s 12,000 kilometers of coastline to enjoy it’s worth remembering that the weather and water currents can vary significantly – as well as the hazards. So be sure to read beach safety signs before taking to the water so you know what hazards to expect whilst enjoying the water.

Ocean Safety

Similar to what you should regard with beach safety, the weather can vary dramatically whilst you’re out on the water so be sure to get the weather forecast before heading out on the ocean whether you’re fishing, diving or snorkeling!

All hazards aside, Western Australia is an amazing place to explore, so if you bare all the above in mind you’re sure to have a great time.

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