How To Surprise Your Vegan Partner

How To Surprise Your Vegan Partner

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a vegan, things may be a little different at times, and planning a surprise for them may also be a little more difficult. The vegan lifestyle is not just about the food they eat, but also the products they use. Essentially nothing that vegans consume should have any factor relating to exploitation or cruelty to animals, so buying a gift for your vegan girlfriend or boyfriend can be very difficult.

This article is a guide to how to surprise your vegan loved one.

1. Cook Them a Vegan Meal

When you have a limited choice of food you can make for your vegan girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s time to look up those online vegan cooking classes. These readily available videos will give you hundreds of recipes, and instructions on how to cook a good vegan meal, how to prep food and how to stock your pantry. You will then be able to make a lovely surprise meal for your partner, or simply learn about what vegan people eat and what they don’t (it’s very important to know this so you don’t happen to annoy your partner when going out for dinner!).

2. Vegan T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love a T-shirt with a cool design or slogan? Your vegan girlfriend or boyfriend will be very pleasantly surprised when they receive one of these vegan T-shirts. The experts at explain that fun and smart phrases on a tshirt such as “Be kind to every kind”, “I don’t eat my friends”, and “I want Tofu tonight” not only make a catchy statement but also represent the values of your partner. What’s even better is every time they wear their T-shirt, they will think of you. If you are a couple who likes to show off your relationship in public, why not get matching t-shirts and wear them out together?

3. Vegan Cake

You might not have even known that vegan cakes existed until you had a vegan girlfriend or boyfriend. Vegan cakes are free from dairy, eggs, and sometimes even wheats or nuts. You can make all sorts of vegan cakes, from chocolate birthday cakes to cupcakes, using dairy substitutes such as oat milk, dairy-free dark chocolate, and dairy-free spread. There are many easy-to-follow vegan cake recipes online, and you just do need to do a little search and you will be able to find one that suits you and your partner the best. If you don’t have an oven, you can also bake a vegan cake with your pressure cooker.

How To Surprise Your Vegan Partner

4. Vegan Bags and Wallets

Your vegan girlfriend or boyfriend will find the idea of animals dying for you to have a bag or wallet absolutely horrifying. Fortunately, these days it is easy to find other alternatives to provide the perfect accessory for your loved one. There are many brands out there with durable and high quality bags that are not made from animal skins. You can also go for bags and wallets made from PU leather or cork material. Not only are these items kind to animals, they usually cost way less than those made from animal skin. More and more people are moving towards non-animal products and leather substitutes are one of the easiest changes that you can make in your life.

5. Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics are a fantastic gift for every vegan girlfriend. Most girls, and these days most men too, use some sort of cosmetics, and there are some really great brands out there that produce vegan lipstick and every other kind of cosmetics that you can imagine. As we are all trying to move towards more ethical and eco-friendly options in every facet of our lives, vegan cosmetics make a great gift for anyone, not just vegans.

6. Take Them to an Animal Sanctuary

Animal lovers always enjoy a trip to a sanctuary so you should look up a sanctuary close to your home and make a secret plan to take them there. It’s important to do the correct research into the ethics of the sanctuary to make sure that they are not actually abusing the animals. If you cannot take them to visit a sanctuary in person, think about donating to the sanctuary in their name. That will be a sweet surprise that will surprise any animal lover.

Hopefully these ideas have helped you to plan a great surprise for your vegan girlfriend or boyfriend. Use these ideas as a starting point and then you can get more creative and maybe even design something animal-friendly for them. Just remember that being vegan is not only about the food, it is a lifestyle!