Hunt Or Be Hunted – The Expats Guide To Hunting In Australia

Hail to the killer bees, number one on the list of animals most likely to kill you in Australia. But bees aren’t the only creatures with a vendetta against mankind down under. The vast landscapes and territories are known to house some of the deadliest creatures on the planet, but that doesn’t keep expats and locals alike from wandering into these areas looking to connect with nature. In fact, camping is a well-enjoyed pastime in the Outback. But for those who need something a little more thrilling, there’s the adrenaline rush called hunting.

Sure, There’s Deer

Dead set on combing through the forests to find deer? That’s okay but bear in mind that Australia has a whole range of other animals that need to be reduced on the food chain. With around 1,200 permits issued every year to hunters willing to take on the mighty salty, it will take more than a good rifle and a sturdy grip to land this beast. Those who are not quite up to the challenge to hunt a creature that could effectively hunt them right back should consider becoming a license holder to cull some of the kangaroo population.

Elusive and a Prize Trophy

Every expat worth their weight in curing salt should have a shot, pun intended, at the banteng. This exotic beast roams the Carmor Plains and is described as wild cattle. More graceful and elusive than buffalo, the banteng is the ideal target for those who wish to try out the efficacy of their rifle scope or the range of the rifle itself. For its size, which can sometimes go up to 600 kg for a bull, the banteng is nimble and light on its feet, making it a prize trophy and an exhilarating hunt.

What If Hunting Doesn’t Have To Involve A Kill?

According to the Discovery Channel, precious gems are now the target of hunters. Outback Opal Hunters takes viewers to places such as Andamooka which is rich in opals. The show is set to air in 2018 and will cover the history and effect Opals had on these areas. But the hunt for a non-dangerous item may not be without risk. Expats are warned to keep their eyes peeled as 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world call Australia home.

Slap on some sunscreen, buy a mozzie net, and wear those ankle high boots before heading out. Great and small are out in numbers and for the hunter, the hunt is just as much a survival game as for their prey.