Ingenious Poker Strategies That Will Help You Win All The Time

Ingenious Poker Strategies That Will Help You Win

Poker is a game where stakes are often high. Winning a poker game comes down to becoming better at the game or using a few tricks to get the upper hand. Today we’ll cover a few strategies that involve both. At the end of the day, the idea is to help you increase your win rate and beat your friends next time you play! 

Think Beyond Your Current Hand 

To start things off, let’s discuss one mistake most beginner players make — thinking in terms of hands. A novice player will get hung up on a single poker hand, and establish an entire strategy based on this single set of cards. 

What this gives you is a shortsighted, often inaccurate estimate of what’s going on with other players. Instead, what you should do is think in terms of ranges. You’re looking for patterns of hands that will indicate what type of cards are on the table and what hands your opponents have. 

Using Marked Cards 

Alright, if you’re not interested in spending hours learning new tactics and advanced playing strategies, there’s always another way. 

Marked cards have been around since forever, in one form or another. Poker enthusiasts from note that marked cards have evolved since the early versions. Back in the day, you would have to mark the cards individually by hand. People used to bend cards, make small dents on the corners or use other means of tagging specific cards. 

These days, things are much more evolved. You can find cards that are treated with a special kind of ink that is completely invisible to the naked eye. Then, the person who deals the cards would use a special contact lens fitted with a filter that makes the special ink visible. 

Best of all, this is just the beginning. Marked cards are a competitive industry that is packed with all kinds of innovative solutions. If you’re looking for ways of getting an upper hand against your friends, this is one way to do it. 

Stacking Cards 

Stacking cards requires a bit of skill. To pull this trick off you need to be the dealer as well. The idea behind stacking cards is to manipulate the deck so that you know which cards are coming up when you start dealing. 

If you can learn how to shuffle a deck of cards and stack the cards you want in a pattern that works for you, you’ll add a bunch of wins to your streak. However, be wary that stacking cards require a good sleight of hand. Your friends could easily see through your tricks if you’re not careful enough.

Ingenious Poker Strategies That Will Help You Win

Becoming better at poker and improving your winning rate in the long term is something that requires a lot of practice. The accessories and tricks we’ve discussed above are a good way to win when playing with your friends. If you’re serious about poker, and you want to become a competitive player, you’ll need to put in the work.