Inspiration and Ideas: How to Make up Names for Websites

How to Make up Names for Websites

Website developers and content creators go through strenuous times structuring platforms and creating appealing names to drive in much-needed traffic. However, there are several challenges encountered when choosing an apt name for a completed website. 

What is the Difficulty in Creating Site Names: From a travel blog to a dating site?

Challenges are met trying to create a sound name to capture the attention of potential clients. Whether you’re creating a travel blog, an online store for your paintings, or even a site about chubby dating, you need to remember the importance of a vivid name for your website. Factors such as political correctness, target audience, and relevance have to be considered for your website to bring in the traffic it needs. 

Travel blogs all have the same criteria to work on, from words related to flying, riding buses or trains, to hiking terminology and airline slogans. Website names become particularly difficult to create because certain terms have become overused and saturated. Once a new website is accessible, there is a good chance Google analytics has millions of other websites carrying one or two similar terms. 

Another challenge comes in with dating sites choosing names that are sexually oriented. These names can only change so much, perhaps with a number at the beginning or a verb at the end. Words like naughty have been exhausted on adult dating sites, and sports sites struggle to use something other than a betting slogan or a sports-related term. 

So What Factors Should Determine the Name for the Sites?

A few crucial factors can be deal-breakers for a site’s success if not considered before introducing a new site. Take, for example, a website trying to draw in lovebirds from all walks of life, yet has coined a name linked to racial slurs or a dark history. Considering the context of your website is one thing, but the world we live in should be the overarching factor for a website name. If your target is the audience is predominantly young, perhaps old school names won’t be as trendy nor appealing to them. 

How to Make up Names for Websites

Factors to Look at While Choosing a Site Name

  • Make It Simple and Memorable 

Still, the aptest advice one could ever get: Keep it simple. A retail business, restaurant, counselling services, or home appliance department might be overwhelmed by modeling a unique name. The key is to add something that focuses on what you sell, provide, and add a twist to it. For example, the location may bring uniqueness by adding area codes to your website’s name. 

  • Consider Synonyms 

Because the world is filled with like-minded content creators, it seems impossible to come up with unique names. It is particularly difficult in the adult dating world. All sites seem to focus on naughtiness, flirting, and sex for their names. A good attempt at creating a name may involve picking words like kinky, woo, or even tease. These words aren’t new in etymology; they just found a corner and haven’t been pulled out since. 

  • Diversify Vocabulary 

Certain niches create welcomed challenges for creative minds to exhibit wittiness and originality. Sports websites are major culprits in using betting related terminology to draw in sports fans. It pushes away real sports fans who have no desire to take on gambling. Adult dating sites are culprits of overused sexual terms. Consider using content creators with rich vocabularies to assist in creating witty website names. 

Bottom Line

It should be a well-accepted challenge to create unique names for your website. Travel blogs and dating sites alike could use revamping, especially with the monotony that certain words have created on the web. Use alliterations to keep someone intrigued, and they might cite your site as insightful.