Interior Decors That Brings Out The Classic Style In Your Home

Interior Decors

The classic home vibe is one of the known styles used to decorate homes. It incorporates the elements from different centuries, which brings comfort and elegance at the same time for any age group. You might be familiar with this as you may have seen it in the magazine, you’ve grown from this kind of style or you’ve been searching on how to achieve this in your place. I can’t blame you, this interior design features warm, calm, rich colors that are very inviting. Imagine yourself coming home from a very busy and stressful day, opening the door of your place, welcoming you with the comfort and peace that you need! A home that you can feel pampered and relaxed might be your ultimate dream lately!

For you to achieve this home design, know the characteristics first and the factors you have to consider. Know your color and materials because those are the keys for your classic style. Let’s begin, below are some tips to be considered:

Know your Color Combination

Neutral colors have a strong presence in a classic style home. You can choose from beiges, grays and off whites and bright whites to be used in your ceilings, arches and doorways. These are perfect backdrops for your traditional furnishings, statues and colorful artwork. You can also go with some classic color like navy blue, dark greens and black which can be complemented by neutral colors. It depends on your preference, but you can also play with trendy colors as a part of your design. However, it is important to be mindful so that trendy colors will not set the tone of your home.


Selecting the right curtain design is one of the highlights of classic interior. The shape and color are vital factors to consider. You can go with a brilliant splash of color, classic prints, embroidered silk, plain and velvet. If you have dark colored walls, you can opt for light colored curtains and vice versa. For you to get the desirable appearance, make sure they are wider than the windows and make use of the symmetrical design.

Interior Decors


Wood furniture with light carving details are usually used for traditional designs. It’s with a mix of straight and curved lines. You can also go with darker or lighter woods as long as the lines are classic. There are varieties of classic furniture types which can be considered depending on your taste and these are Victorian, Georgian, Tudor, Louis XV and French provincial classic. 

The Victorian is classified by ornate carvings, dark woods and heavy luxurious fabrics. This is made from mahogany, rosewood, or walnut with intricate carvings of natural images like flowers, leaves, curling lines and a lot more. 

On the other hand, Georgian furniture has strong carving and sometimes more masculine look. Some of which have lion masks and foliage motifs. 

The Louis XV furniture can be characterized by its look, sensuality, romance and comfort factor. Chair seat backs are often rounded and angled for increased comfort, chair legs set an angle and armrests shorten before the edge of the seat. 

Tudor design is a mixture of Gothic with Italian and French influences. The overall design is a fine carving and sometimes decorated with a variety of biblical or mythological subjects.

French provincial classic is also known for its carvings and painting. It consists of defining panels, engraving decorative motifs and curved lines. For paintings, it offers diversity such as landscapes, mythological creatures and a lot more. The finishes of this furniture were less showy and required less maintenance.

Interior Decors

Lights and Other Decorations

You’ve already sorted out the colors that you want, curtains and the furniture types. Now is the time to consider other decorations in your home as well as the appropriate lights. Antiques are the most common elements you can see in a classic home. From a jar, vase, clocks and a lot of choices are offered. However, if you have a limited budget, you can opt for a more affordable option as long as it has a traditional design. The same thing goes on selecting the paintings, it’s not necessary to purchase expensive ones. As long as you have figured out the characteristics of a classic design, you can have a variety of choices.

As featured in some of the magazines, piano is also present in a classic home style. You can place it in your living area to add to the classical vibe of your home. If you are planning to place it in a corner, consider getting a piano lamp. To have an idea you can checkout these piano lamps online to know what is the best on the market today. There are a lot of options to choose from like desk style, clip-on style and even cordless battery operated type. Piano lamps would be useful for your guests to illuminate the music sheet and the keys,  who might play music during the visit. 

Chandeliers are elegant but traditional lighting of them all. You can find various designs and some of which have been incorporated with a contemporary twist with exciting materials, colors and patterns. Featuring its detailed beautiful scrolling arms, brilliant crystals with antique finishes would really add the traditional and charming vibe of your home. 

Aside from a chandelier, there are other vintage lighting to choose from. To start designing your home, it would be a great idea to drop by the nearest home depot for you to have an idea of the materials and lights that suit your preference.

Designing your own home is an exciting yet challenging thing to do. It requires time to contemplate the design that you want, materials and the most important is the budget that you need. This is not an overnight process, but it would be a rewarding journey for you and your family!