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  • INTERVIEW: Dead Ceremony

    INTERVIEW: Dead Ceremony

    Dead Ceremony is a four-piece from Tunbridge Wells Kent, UK, made up of Christopher Stewart, David Trevillion, Neil Allen and Harry Pearce. Originally the solo-project of lead-singer and songwriter, Christopher, Dead Ceremony became an outfit and have cut their teeth releasing a steady run of acclaimed singles. They have honed their live show, including performing a sold-out debut London gig at St Pancras Old Church, playing to a full tent at the BBC Introducing stage of T in the Park, and supporting the likes of Wolf Alice and Sam Sure. A carefully delivered mixture of the digital and the organic make Dead Ceremony a special act to watch live, with a dynamic arrangement of beat driven dance tunes and fragile ballads.

    Hey Dead Ceremony – welcome to BBM. What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

    We’ve been plotting and planning getting our EP ready to release, its been a while in the making so its exciting for people to finally hear some new material.

    For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you best describe your sound?

    Pop music with an electronic edge, hopefully a good mix of organic and synthetic, we spend a lot of time on the sound design so hopefully it’s well put together songs with some interesting textures around them.

    How does everyday life in Kent differ to somewhere like London?

    You don’t get stuck in traffic so much!

    How did the project Dead Ceremony materialise?

    Chris started writing some really sombre piano songs and David started to help out on some production – it has morphed into more of a band now, with the chemistry between the four of us onstage now a really important element of Dead Ceremony.

    Where do you tend to write your music, do you think it influences your style at all?

    We put together a lot of the music at my (David’s) studio space in the Kent countryside, there’s a huge field out the back and it feels pretty secluded, the mobile signal is also pretty sketchy, that definitely helps when your trying to do anything creative, you need not to be bothered for a bit.

    When was the last time you had a proper holiday and where did you go?

    Last year, South west France, beautiful!

    Who would be your dream collab?

    We’d love to work with Dave Okumu (from The Invisible) or Blake Mills (who did the last perfume genius record).

    Name a record you couldn’t live without?

    Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden.

    Dead Ceremony – ‘All This Noise’ Single OUT NOW

    ‘Heartache’ EP out this summer


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