Eddie for Anything

FOR 10 years he’s been touring the comedy circuit with his brand of, well, pretty much everything. Now Eddy Brimson is heading Down Under once more for The Best of British Comedy event being held at Sydney’s Comedy Store with Jeff Green until this Saturday. BBM’S Luke O’Neill talked to Eddy about hypnotherapy, life on the football terraces and almost supporting REM…

Hey Eddy what are you up to?
I’m just awake mate actually.

Oh right, when did you get here then?
Just about two hours ago. I came straight from London via Bangkok.

You’ve been in Sydney before though?
Oh yeah, I was here a little bit earlier last time when I was doing a tour of Asia.

Looking through your bio, you’ve dipped your fingers into everything? Hypnotherapy even. Do you use it in your act?
No it’s not stage hypnosis. It was hypnotherapy purely from a clinical point of view. I got into that and then the comedy just took off. But it’s not for stage no. I actually went to see Derren Brown recently and I was quite disappointed at some of the stuff that he was doing.

And what’s this about you inventing a board game [Initial Subject, in 1990] – how did that come about?
Ah, there was actually this documentary TV on about the guys who made Trivial Pursuit and the guys were sitting on a big yacht. Me and my Dad were watching it and I said ‘why don’t we have a go at that?’ We went out for a walk and we had the idea half an hour later. It actually won What Toy game of the year for Waddingtons.

You were on Kilroy once as an expert on football fan culture. What’s he like – is he as much as a git as he is made out to be?
He’s definitely as orange in real life anyway. And he’s certainly the star of the show. He really hammered some of the people that were on but I was okay as I was just on to do a bit about football fans.

So, do you see any of the old boys from your days in the stands and what do they make of your career now?
Yeah I see some of the people. It’s when Watford play usually. I go to see a lot more non-League Teams now. My team aren’t Premier League anymore. But I prefer watching the lower leagues. They call the Premier League entertainment now and I just think it’s lost its way a bit.

Were you the funny guy on the terrace?
Not necessarily back then. It’s very different being the funny guy in the pub and the funny guy on stage. The amount of times I’ve been at a venue and have heard guys in the toilets say they are going to get a guy when he’s on. And it never happens. The one thing you have got to learn with heckles though is to take a good one. Because you can’t let them get another, then you have lost it. But there are a lot of funny people out there who come to comedy clubs.

Tell us a bit about your old band the Morgans…are you guys still active?
No. Well, I used to be in various bands. And there were a couple with opportunities. You know you can work with a band for years and not get anywhere and it can come together and someone can just say “well, I’m not leaving work”.
The day we released our single I was offered the job as bassist with – I don’t know if you have ever heard of them – a band called Echobelly. I had auditioned for it and I got it so they offered me the place and they would have been supporting REM. I had to say no. And the next week I ended up leaving the band [The Morgans] because of an argument!

I don’t think Echobelly did too well in the end?
They had two albums I think. But still. REM! I mean they were really massive at that time.

Have you got any acting jobs coming up?
Well, all that stuff was before I got into this. And they do say that once it [stand-up] gets a hold of you then you love it.

So do you like the life of a comedian, traveling around?
I used to do a joke that a lot of people think that as a comedian you go to the venue and then there is free beer and free food and sometimes there is free sex. But then, there is a lot of traveling involved…Of course I love it. I am in Sydney and people are coming to see me.

Will you be getting into the Aussie Pommy banter in your set, especially with the Ashes wrapping up?
It depends if we win! We won’t talk about I won’t like cricket if we don’t win.