Interview: Goan Dogs Release New Animated Music Video ‘Zombies

Converging eerie experimental synths with jangling guitar pop, Goan Dogs return with their new music video Zombies. Working with illustrator and animator Client_Pleaser1987, the new monochromatic visuals is a machine of fast-paced environments, work commutes, and human puppets.

Discussing the video, Goan Dogs tells us: “We all do the same things day in, day out. Stuck on a loop, like Zombies. The repetition and the early mornings, sharing small spaces with strangers and getting soaked in the rain. All for a job that you’re not quite sure is adding anything to the world. At least now the idea of going back to work gives us something to look forward to when lockdown ends.”

Hey Goan Dogs, welcome to BBM. How have you guys been keeping during lockdown? 
Thanks! Yeah not bad considering. Just trying to keep busy ya know?                                  

Has the pandemic affected your productivity in a positive or negative way? Any lockdown hacks that you can share with us?                                                        Yeah, give yourself a project and get obsessed with it. I don’t think it matters what it is. Lockdown’s given us time to concentrate on recording and producing our album. Normally we would be distracted with gigging and rehearsing so, although I miss all that stuff loads, it’s been good to focus. Holy god I miss playing gigs though….

Who are your influences and how have they inspired Goan Dogs’ indie-pop sound?I think we’ve got a pretty varied collection of influences as a band, which I hope makes for more interesting music. What inspires me changes all the time so I’m just going to list my Spotify last listened to! Boards of Canada, Khruangbin, Men I trust and Cocteau twins. There you go.  

‘Zombies’ is your third single to be released from your upcoming debut album. How does ‘Zombies’ differ from other tracks on the full-length?
Different theme I guess. It’s a different song afterall. 

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘Zombies’? What was the making of the track like?Zombies is about your standard, autopilot, switched off route to work. The same one you did yesterday and the same one you’ll do tomorrow. Making the track was a lot of fun. I love recording and making records so no complaints here…

You’ve also released an animated music video for ‘Zombies’ which highlights recurring actions and lifestyles in society. How long did it take to put the video together?                                                                                                                  Well you’d have to ask Theo from the band for an exact time frame! It’s a very involved and skilled process and a few seconds can take hours or even days but the guy’s got it down so he just got it done. Needless to say, we were all very impressed. He nailed it.

A lot of people can relate to this video and the feelings that it portrays. Would you say that this is how you guys felt back when life was ‘normal’?                          Yeah, I think it’s a pretty common theme. I definitely think that from time to time. When you’re not necessarily earning your money from the thing that makes you happy, it can be quite frustrating but you’ve got to keep going. Keep doing what you love! Don’t be a zombie!

What has been the most memorable show that you have played to date?  ummmmmm. God, there’s been loads. Top of my head… we managed to sneak a couple of shows in just before lockdown. We played a sold-out show at the Louis in Bristol and it was much fun. I’m going to give that evening a 10/10, 100% rating based on the fun.  

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why?
I like the look of that red rocks amphitheatre in Colorado. Can I play there please? It’s pretty unusual and it’s massive and it’s very far away. Tick, tick and tick.  
Finally, what’s next on the agenda for Goan Dogs?
To quote The wonderful Todd Terje, it’s album time! We’re just working out the release schedule so stay tuned. We’ll be playing here, there and everywhere next year so get on the old social media and like and subscribe. Peace!