Interview: Hazlett explores moments of clarity on new EP

After writing songs and playing in various rhythm sections for most of his formative
years, Brisbane native Hazlett combines the heart and grit of songwriters of old with modern pop influences. Working together with producer Freddy Alexander, the singer-songwriter releases his sophomore EP ‘Thundering Hopes’.

Hazlett’s lyrics often theme around with adjustments and moments of clarity. Opener
‘Fireworks’ is the heartbreak song of the record, although he says “it’s more a
realisation that you can’t make someone love you and if you need to can you really
call that love.” Whilst other offerings such as ‘Karaoke’ is about being there when your friends need you.

What’s up Hazlett, how are things?

I’m holding well amongst the crazy times we’re fighting through

What do you enjoy the most about the music that you create?

I enjoy that it’s settled in a super honest place. I’ve spent a long time trying to find my voice, but it’s reached a point now where it’s just stories and thoughts in my head. The fact that honesty is resonating with people is amazing.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Thundering Hopes’, what’s it about?

Thundering Hopes is a sequel to my first EP. It’s about me being a late bloomer and how I’m finding my feet of who I am. Picking up confidence and not shying away so much.

What challenges did you encounter during the process of ‘Thundering Hopes’?

The challenge for me has been getting out of my head and not flattening my words so much. I used to think too much about what people might want to hear from me, this EP has been more about what do I want to hear from me.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, what country would you choose and why?

I would love to perform in Italy, simply because I love Italy. But, it would be amazing to play in an old opera theatre where people could come and sit at candlelit tables with food and wine throughout the night.

Name a song that you wish you had written?

‘At Last’ by Etta James, or ‘Dancing In The Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year hopefully it will be safe to travel again, and I can get back on the road. I miss gigs, playing for new people, and getting to meet them. I think we are all missing humans at the moment.

‘Thundering Hopes’ EP Available now.