Interview: On-The-Go release new single and album ‘Unsaid’

Moscow-based band On-The-Go release their fourth single and album of the same title, ‘Unsaid.’

Interview: On-The-Go release new single and album ‘Unsaid’

Moscow-based band On-The-Go release their fourth single and album of the same title, ‘Unsaid.’

Influenced by pop, folk, and electronica, the band combines progressive time signatures, ecstatic energy, and crystal-clear production. Complex arrangements, delicately layered textures, and heartfelt lyricism result in an affecting, nuanced record.

Their new album tackle subjects such as looking for balance in relationships in the ever-changing and unpredictable world, the conflicting emotions around raising children within a political climate of fear and hatred, and the changing nature of memories as our current experiences increasingly conflict with the beliefs we hold in the past. Interview: On-The-Go release new single and album ‘Unsaid’

Discussing their new album, Yura Makarychev, the frontman of On-The-Go says: “We wanted to make sure that each song is based on specific ideas and lyrics with the rhythm and melody forming around the subject”.

Their latest single ‘Unsaid’ tackles the feelings of regret surrounding the things we wish we were able to tell the people we care about, but never could. Whilst there is a guilty feeling of regret, lyrics such as ‘say what you have to before you leave,’ suggest that there is hope for forgiveness, although there is a doubt of unlikeliness.

Hey guys, welcome to BBM. How’s it going?

Hello there! It’s alright! But it feels like time slows down a bit. Can’t wait for the album to finally come out!

Tell us about your fourth single ‘Unsaid’, what were your inspirations behind the track?

The irreversibility of time in general. The main idea is to speak your mind and act when you have a chance, so, this is basically where we started off lyrically. Musically we didn’t want it to sound dark and complicated, but we wanted a song to develop dramatically as the story unfolds, adding a new angle to the central idea at the end of the composition.

What’s your songwriting process like? Does it differ track-by-track?

For the first time in our lives with our latest album, we decided to go off of stories and ideas, to make it more personal. With most of the songs, the process was pretty much the same: it began with simple poetry and a draft of a vocal line. Then the chord progression and further arranging with the band in the studio. The whole approach was pretty close to the traditional standards in the songwriting process, but we’ve never done it before and that’s why we enjoyed a lot how natural it was. Interview: On-The-Go release new single and album ‘Unsaid’

What can you tell us about your new album ‘Unsaid’?

There are two collabs on the album that we like a lot and it is going to be the very first time we release featuring songs. So it’s an achievement unlocked! As for the album as a whole piece, it’s a journey into our heads, first of all, it is a very autobiographic piece of work. Behind every song, there’s a true story of our lives and we didn’t want to scatter the listener’s attention with too much of these constantly shimmering production tricks. We wanted to be as present as possible on this record and it worked.

What challenges did you face when making the album?

The biggest challenge for me personally was to really step out as a poetic force in our songwriting process. It cost me a lot of time and effort, but in the end, I already feel like it’s worth it. Now, when my inner poet has awakened, I’m in a constant search of ideas for songs, it even becomes a little haunting. It’s still a new feeling for me and I like it.

For those who haven’t listened to your music, how would you describe your sound in three words?

Guitar-driven male-vocals pop. If it counts as three words. It’s always a challenge for us to generalize what we do because we never try to stay within certain limits and we often like to surprise ourselves and the audience, so it really should be guitar-driven surprise pop! Interview: On-The-Go release new single and album ‘Unsaid’.

Each of you, who would be your dream collaboration?

Yura: I would like to write a song with Justin Vernon one day.

Zhenya: Songs: Ohia

Dima:  With Beak>

Maxim: Patrick Watson

Max: Johnny Greenwood

What was the last holiday you went on, together or individually?

Yura: I went to Kao Lak, Thailand with my family.

Zhenya: Sitges, Spain

Dima: Batumi, Georgia

Maxim: Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Max: Herceg Novi, Montenegro. It was a three-week vacation with my family

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A simple middle-sized stadium full of people would do it, thank you!

One track you wish you wrote?

Yura: Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horsemen

Zhenya: Beck – Morning

Dima: David Bowie – Letter to Hermione

Maxim: Bon Iver – 715 – Creeks

Max: The National – Graceless

What’s next for you guys?

Shows, more shows, a couple of videos, some festivals and more new songs! As usual.

‘Unsaid’ album and single available to stream now. Moscow-based band On-The-Go release their fourth single and album of the same title, ‘Unsaid.’

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