Investing in Times of COVID-19? A Difficult Decision

Investing in Times of COVID-19? A Difficult Decision

It is common to think in the markets and in life that what we are living will last forever. This usually happens repeatedly when the market goes up, it is thought that it will do so permanently and people tend to buy more maybe when it’s the time of taking some profits and if the price falls the opposite happens, selling when it is not recommended by financial experts.

As an initial recommendation, when investing, you must be very careful, make sure to not get carried away by emotions and do not try to anticipate the future without a serious study and analysis. These coming months await us challenges that must be borne in mind when investing.

For most people interested in trading platforms and investing, the smartest and most advisable thing to do is to seek expert advice from specialists in the financial area, who can guide you through best strategies to be able to face the future in an economically and positive promising way.

What is Visualized in the Short Term for Financial Variables?

The recovery of the world economy will probably take a while, recovering normality after a pandemic of this scale won’t be an easy task. High volatility will remain throughout 2021, while still bringing new challenges such as curbing the contagion of COVID-19 and the potentially more contagious new strains, accelerating vaccination, signs of an economic recovery that may further clarify the panorama by 200.

So Given the Current and Complex Context, How Should We Invest Our Money?

In addition to the recommendation given at the beginning of this text, to seek financial advice from experts, who can offer you a higher and safer probability of your investment, we can tell you right now some basic tips, to take into account when you’re operating with any stock, commodity or crypto active.

  1. Develop a strategy based on the objectives and investor profile, preferably in conjunction with your advisor’s analysis, whose starting point will be to know the client and be clear about their objectives, making sure that they’re achievable.
  2. Transforming investments to cash is not the most practical in the short term given the current scenario that we have all around the globe. COVID-19 accentuated the fact that, at any time, people’s situation can change and resources may be needed to face any unforeseen event, so it is necessary to analyze what percentage is required to invest with immediate liquidity and what resources you can allocate with a longer investment horizon to obtain better profits.
  3. Diversification brings benefits, not putting all the eggs in a single basket reduces the risk in the portfolio and gives a greater probability of having better results.
  4. Volatility is always present, do not be overwhelmed. It is best to stick to the investment plan to navigate through volatile periods that are sure to bring opportunities as well, rather than reacting emotionally.


These principles are obviously not the only ones or necessarily the most important, but they can serve as a starting point to find when considering an investment, with the current situation, these suggestions are even more effective when used together. It can be said that the year is beginning, therefore, it is a good time to reflect and decide to invest. Good luck on all your finances!