Is Honey Good For You? Here Are A Few Things To Know

Is Honey Good For You?

The Uses Of Honey Are Becoming More Versatile As It Becomes More Popular

As people get more conscious of making healthy choices, honey is one of the options that become a popular choice as a natural sweetener. It is used in many recipes, be it your oatmeal in the morning or for baking honey-glazed meat. It is used as a substitute for sugar for tea, as well as for sweetening cocktails. Its versatility as a food substance brings to mind the question that if indeed honey is a better form of sugar than any other. 

Read along to know everything about this sweet and sticky food called honey and how it can affect your diet. 

How Is Honey Made?

To begin with, it is important to understand how honey is made. It comes from beehives, wherein a colony of bees makes it. Bees collect nectar and then change the composition slightly. This is called enzymatic action. Most of the freshly harvested honey contains beeswax, pollen, and some parts of the bees. As you can see on this website, raw forms of honey come in a bottle with the honeycomb itself. This type of honey retains all the natural antioxidants and nutrients that are present in it. Other forms of honey are pasteurized to remove or kill any bacteria that may be present in it. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Honey?

Right from historic folklore to modern times today, there are quite a few mentions of the health benefits that come from honey. Raw honey is high in antioxidants that can help your body to reduce cell damage. The antibacterial properties can help kill unwanted bacteria or fungus. This same property is a great source to treat wounds and boost healing time. The phytonutrients present in honey can help to boost your immune system. For people who are going through digestive problems like diarrhea, honey can help to treat it effectively. 

What Amount Of Honey Consumption Is Advised Per Day?

Using an excess of a healthy food substitute is not a good idea. The same principle should be applied to using honey. Make sure you use it just like how you would use any sweetener, that is by using the least amount of it. The sugar content in honey will take the same amount of time to be processed in your body as compared to any type of sugar. However, it has less harmful effects as compared to even the most refined cane sugar. Limit your intake of honey to not more than two tablespoons per day. However, if you have any health problems like diabetes or an allergy to honey, then you should refrain from using it at all. 

Can Honey Assist With Weight Loss?

It is important to note that honey contains sugar but when compared to refined sugar, it has more benefits. It has natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals present in them. Refined sugar only has calories that are harmful, and therefore there are no benefits of eating it. Honey helps to provide a balance of nutrients that helps people to reduce weight as they do not consume a high amount of calories. The fructose present in honey helps you to burn more fat during gym sessions and improve your stamina as well. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Excess Amount Of Honey?

Is Honey Good For You?

When you consume an excessive amount of honey, it is counterproductive and can be harmful. It can increase your blood sugar level as it contains both sugar and carbohydrates. As your intake increases, your blood sugar level will follow. For people who suffer from diabetes, this can raise blood sugar levels abnormally high that can lead to very serious health problems. People who have constipation issues should refrain from honey, as the high content of fructose can make digestive problems even worse.

What Are The Uses Of Honey Other Than For Eating?

Got too much honey on your hands? No worries, honey can be used for purposes other than just eating. The moisturizing qualities of honey make it perfect for use in beauty routines. You can use a mixture of honey and milk to moisturize dry your scalp. To combat dry skin, a little amount of honey and warm water can be massaged on your face to make it moisturized. Use honey with olive oil as a scrub for chapped lips. The natural antibiotic properties of honey can help to heal wounds. You can use it directly on the crape or wound after cleaning it.

With so many benefits of honey, it is safe to conclude that it is indeed a healthier choice. However, using it wisely and in the right portions is what will allow you to reap these benefits.