Is It a Good Idea to Use a Digital Wallet While Traveling around Australia?

Is It a Good Idea to Use a Digital Wallet While Traveling around Australia?

A digital wallet is the most reliable method of payment as it keeps all your debit and credit card information 100% safe. Thanks to the introduction and evolution of digital wallets, now travelers can go without carrying large amounts of cash or a bundle of cards for a safer and worry-free trip. Instead of grabbing the unintentional attention of strangers, you can simply scan your digital wallet through the smartphone screen. It saves a lot of time and effort while booking your airplane tickets, reserving your holiday destinations, booking local transportation in Australia, purchasing all-inclusive holiday packages, and paying for all kinds of entertainment including online casinos and gambling.

Why should I apply for a digital wallet before traveling to Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations that attract millions of visitors per year. Whether you are planning a short-term trip to Australia for just a holiday or you are moving there for study and work, a digital wallet is something you must apply for ahead of time. It is one of the most convenient methods to pay for the products and services you will purchase there. It is a smarter and safer option than carrying cash and converting it to local currency from foreign currency. You can rely on your handheld smart devices including a tablet, a mobile phone, or a smartwatch to make payments and receive funds from around the globe in your digital wallet also known as E-wallet.  

What are the perks of using an e-wallet?

What has made a digital wallet boom so spectacularly in recent years? The answer is simple: it’s all about convenience. The times when one needed to carry a bag of cash around (and during the trip its amount consequently grew even bigger) are far behind. One of the very first things that got transformed under the influence of the tech revolutions was how people interact with their finances. Many industries, especially those particularly sensitive to user demand, transformed their financial model so that it allows the clientele to use as many alternative payment methods as possible. 

One of those, for instance, is the entertainment industry, which treats user experience as a top priority, because what they basically sell is impressions. Thanks to that, gamers interested in games of chance are offered a variety of online payment methods to fit any taste – and maybe even check out some new crypto casinos that accept a digital wallet. What is clear, is that when it comes to playing online slots and claiming casino bonuses, one of the main features that have made a digital wallet so famous, is that it is a lot safer than carrying local currency. A digital wallet service provides multiple safe options for transferring funds on the internet without disclosing your bank information. 

Which digital wallets work the best in Australia?

Digital wallets are available as downloadable applications for both Android and Apple users from Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. Four digital wallets work the best in Australia. Let us discuss them in detail below. 

1. Apple Pay:

This digital wallet works the best in Australia and around the world, designed for and compatible with Apple smartphones and tablets. You can easily use it in the Safari Browser if you want to shop online and for the purchases of online services through your desktop. This digital wallet is also suitable to add a health insurance card, rewards, and shopping loyalty.

2. Samsung Pay:

Samsung has designed this digital wallet which is compatible with Android devices available around the globe. All Big Four banks of Australia work very well with this application and almost all credit cards can be attached to it easily. The attachment of the transit card and the loyalty card is also very easy. 

3. Google Pay:

This application is designed for Android users, and it is compatible with both in-store shopping and online shopping. It is one of the safest methods of payment, as it uses verifications to keep your personal information confidential. The attachment of all kinds of non-bank cards is very easy with this digital wallet.  

4. PayPal App:

This digital wallet provides a lot of protection to the buyer. The addition of various credit cards is also very easy. This application has a lot of payment options.


Digital wallets are convenient, safe, and useful for any purpose, which is very valuable for travelers who are planning a short-term stay or a long-term migration to Australia. Reservations of hotels and transportation become easier making your trip more enjoyable. Carrying digital wallets minimizes the risk of theft. The perks are endless – so get a digital wallet, pack up and enjoy your trip!