Is It Possible to Stay Sober While You Travel?

Is It Possible to Stay Sober While You Travel?

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If you are here, it could be that you are trying to stay sober. Is it possible to restrain yourself while traveling? Put simply, yes– but it is not easy. The temptations will be everywhere. If you are trying to quit alcohol or control your intake, you will need to make deliberate efforts to achieve that.

If you have been under rehabilitation, you may need strong support mechanisms that will guide you on how to respond to temptations. A lot of people do not know much about the needed steps for a sustainable recovery, but you can read more here to learn about aftercare for people who were under rehabilitation for alcohol addiction. Good aftercare is crucial especially during the first few days of being out of rehab. They are essential in helping you reintegrate yourself into society, while making sure you stay sober.

Whenever you are traveling, you may need to take the following measures.

Remember You Are in Charge

You will not stay sober if you have not chosen to do that. Keep it in mind that you are trying to stay sober because you have realized that you have trouble staying sober. They say that problems are easily solved once there is an acceptance that the problem exists. So, once you know the problem and accept it exists, you will avoid every opportunity to drink.

However, in the end, we all still need a little help. Whether you’re a recovering alcoholic or not. It never hurts to have a little support. Since alcohol is not illegal in most countries, it can be hard to avoid. Your will power will definitely be tested, so remember that you are in charge of what happens to you and the actions you take are within your control.

Travel with a Loved One

At least make sure that the person supports your sobriety efforts. It should not be another drinking friend. The person can help you be accountable throughout the travel time. They will ensure that you achieve your goal by keeping you in check.  

Serve Yourself at All Times

Carry a drink with you every time. It can be water or soda. Do not let anyone hand you over a drink. Once a drink is in your hand, you will involuntarily find it heading right to your mouth. If you have a drink in your hand at all times, nobody will be offering you another one.

So, keep a water bottle or a soda in your hand if you decide to go out and have fun with people who are taking alcohol. Keep yourself adequately hydrated so that the cravings do not recur as your body loses water. 

Choose Sober Travel Areas and Experiences

You could take a nature walk or go hiking in the mountains. By the time you come back, you will be tired and ready to rest. You will probably just enjoy stories by the fireside, and fall asleep.  

Other sober travel activities include charity travel, community engagements, and voluntary service. If you volunteer to teach local group entrepreneurship or a sport of choice, you will be in good company throughout the day. You can also be part of sporting activities or any other activity that you believe will keep you occupied and sober.

Stay Within Schedule

It would be best if you planned how your travel would pan out. You want to make sure that every minute of the journey is accounted for. The money that usually goes to drinks, you will need to repurpose them. You can buy something worthwhile, invest it, or simply donate it somewhere. Ensure that you keep a lineup of the tasks that you need to accomplish throughout your journey. 

The temptations to do things that you had not included in your itinerary should be avoided. You can ensure that the person who is accompanying you keeps the promise of staying away from alcoholic drinks.

Keep Everything Away

Some people abuse drugs, alcohol, and other substances. If you want to quit alcohol, you have to get rid of drugs and other materials. The temptation to drink alcohol can stem from smoking or taking illicit drugs. So, avoid all those addictive drugs that could act as a precursor to the alcohol menace. 

Most entertainment spots make it easy to buy alcohol. You may even have trouble finding other drinks. Try food restaurants and family-friendly joints where finding alcohol is harder than finding a healthy juice or some other alternative. 

It is possible to stay sober when you are traveling. The temptation to take alcoholic drinks is overwhelming, especially since most travel joints make it very easy to access and use alcoholic products. A deliberate course of action must be there and you need to set yourself up for success. The key is to not expose yourself to the temptations. For example, refrain from bars and other places where alcohol is readily available. Ensure you have your drinks at all times, and if someone offers you a drink, have someone around you who can help you refuse.