Is Your Electricity Bill Shocking You Every Month? Here’s What You Can Do

Is Your Electricity Bill Shocking You Every Month

Energy bills are notorious for taking a large percentage of people’s income. You may not feel this until you move out on your own and start paying utility bills. Now that you are reading this, then the chances are that you just had a rude awakening about the cost of energy. The obvious solution to minimizing unnecessary energy spending would be to turn off the lights when leaving the room. In this blog, we shall go ahead and share with you proven tips to keep unwanted energy use in check by considering other factors, such as changing electrical appliances in the house. Enjoy reading!

1. Make Use of Natural Lighting

As they say, keeping the lights on is quite expensive. The number of bulbs you use in your house determines the total cost of energy every month. You can have the figure lowered by making use of natural lighting. If you are used to having the lights on even during the day, you must consider changing your window curtains. Invest in sheer curtains, which allow light from the sun to penetrate through. Doing so can see you turn off the bulbs in the area for the better part of the day, and hence a lower energy bill. 

2. Time to Switch Your Energy Supplier

Many people don’t realize that there is a chance of saving a lot of money by switching their energy supplier or tariff. You could be paying out-of-contract rates, which are known to be a bit expensive compared to other deals in the market. The out-of-contract rates are standard and apply to customers who are yet to choose their tariffs or who took no action after their deal expired. 

According to research, you could save up to £200 in a year by switching from a default tariff to the market’s cheapest deal. According to Cory Mcgown, an energy analyst specialist at Electricity Monster, switching the tariffs shouldn’t be done blindly. It would be perfect if you first compared the different energy plans in the market before concluding. There are many options for homes looking to compare their electricity suppliers. So, it makes sense to make an informed decision and compare the sharp rate when searching for satisfying energy suppliers. 

3. Get Rid of Old-school Bulbs

Are you still using the old-school bulbs? If the answer is yes, it’s time you considered investing in energy-saving light bulbs. These kinds of bulbs can help you cut your energy bills easily. LED light bulbs can help cut the cost of power significantly. Another thing to note is that these bulbs last longer as opposed to traditional ones hence cost-effective. When shopping for energy-efficient bulbs, be sure to find the best bulb for the room’s size or the job it’s to perform. Also, remember to turn them off whenever you leave the room to increase the saving. 

4. Insulate Your Home

Is Your Electricity Bill Shocking You Every Month

Over time, home insulation has been considered a perfect way to reduce energy spending significantly. Therefore, you should consider insulating both your cavity walls and loft for a significant reduction. According to interior designers, adding loft insulation of 270mm thick in a three-bedroom home can help trim up to £150 a year. Less heat will be lost via the roof after the insulation. The same applies to insulating the cavity walls. If you are looking to save more, you can consider solid-wall insulation. However, for this, you must be ready to spend more. 

5. It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electronics

Are you still running that outdated computer or TV? If yes, then that’s the reason you are witnessing incredible monthly energy bills. Old-school electronics weren’t designed with energy-saving technology in mind. Hence, they are known to siphon a huge amount of energy over time, so you should consider having an upgrade. When shopping for electronics, always ensure that you go for the most energy-efficient models you can ever find in the market. Among the pointers to look out for when buying energy-efficient electronics is its EU energy-efficiency rating. 

6. Seal Unwanted Gaps

Did you know that stopping the heat from escaping through cracks and unwanted gaps can help see your power bills decrease? Most likely, you had no idea. The truth is that with draught-proofing, your air conditioner won’t have to do extra work of maintaining quality temperature. Areas to consider include; windows, doors, chimneys, and skirting floorboards. For these areas, draught-proofing strips do well around the window and door frames, while bush strips work well for sash windows and on the bottom of the doors. 

You can add an inflatable pillow to block the heat from escaping through chimneys if you don’t use them. You can also go ahead and use a flexible silicone-based filler for the skirting floorboards to fill the gaps and block the heat from escaping. 

It costs more money to keep the lights on. If not careful, you may spend more than you are needed on energy bills. Mentioned in this article are tested ways on how you can cut down the monthly power bills without having to spend a fortune. By following the shared tips, you will witness an incredible reduction.