Italian Restaurants and Event Venues in Brisbane, Australia

Italian Restaurants and Event Venues in Brisbane

Whether you are in the mood for a candlelit dinner or are craving authentic Italian pizza, Brisbane probably has what you are looking for. The best Italian restaurants in Brisbane are steeped in Italian tradition, which is reflected in their decors, settings, and menus. We recommend checking out the following Italian restaurants and event venues the next time you want to experience the delights of an authentic Italian dining experience.


Otto is an elegant Italian restaurant that now calls the former space of the famous Stokehouse Q home. The restaurant reopened in 2021 and the revamp made it one of Brisbane’s most beautiful Italian restaurants. The restaurant has a bar and indoor and outdoor seating, offering different experiences and catering to people with different preferences.

The main restaurant has a rich Italian menu, with items you would expect, like various pasta dishes and locally sourced entrées. It also has some signature dishes like the eggplant and basil pesto and lamb rump accompanied by roasted tomatoes. They also have a huge list of both red and white wines to help wash everything down.


Factory 51 is an Italian restaurant, event venue and pizzeria located in Coorparoo. The restaurant and event venue offers a spacious and elegant urban space with lots of historic appeal and industrial styling. The red brick combined with the Italian decor makes it the perfect place for dinner, whether you are a couple or a larger party, and an elegant wedding venue with attentive and engaged staff.

The menu options at Factory51 seem endless, with the menu including everything you would expect to find at an Italian restaurant. These include everything from wood-fired pizzas, arancini, duck and mushroom pate to a choice of eight proteins at the grill.

The prices for all the items on the menu are affordable, a fact that is made even better when you consider the decor and the work that has gone into making Factory51 a premier restaurant with an authentic Italian feel.


Tartufo has been serving families, friends and business people for over 10 years and eating at the restaurant has been compared to experiencing 1920s New York. The high ceilings complement the mirrors, booths, and red furniture in the restaurant, themselves inspired by the art on the walls.

Tarfuti has remained a staple in Brisbane, with faithful patrons coming in for their signature dishes every week and new patrons coming in to experience all that Tarfuto has to offer. In addition to main dishes like scaloppine Alla Caprese and galletto alla, the restaurant also serves authentic Neapolitan pizza. The dish remains one of the most popular ones in the restaurant because it offers a different but very authentic experience. The restaurant has two sitting areas, and guests can order whatever they want regardless of where they choose to sit.

Italian Restaurants and Event Venues in Brisbane


This is another one of the older restaurants in Brisbane. It is among a chain of restaurants that includes Julius, which is located in South Brisbane. Beccofino has been serving Brisbane residents who love Italian food for several years. It has several signature dishes on its menu, but you have to try the tender calamari fritti and the duck ragu pappardelle, often served as a main dish.

The restaurant also has an impressive collection of red wines that you can enjoy after a sumptuous meal. If you prefer something more Italian, consider a few glasses of Aperol Spritz, an authentic Italian liqueur that is sweeter than most other liqueurs you could order.

La Costa Restaurant

The La Costa restaurant is a 120-person restaurant that ties together traditional and modern meals. Their menu comprises various pasta dishes, Italian pizza and a few signature main dishes. You could order nduja linguine with garlic, Parmesan and sliced truffle, or the Moreton Bay bug spaghetti for the pasta dishes. Their pizza menu has all the classics you expect, such as the Roma Capitale, Basil Italia and Margherita. You also get a vast selection of appetisers and starters.

If you feel like a drink after a meal, the neighbouring La Costa Bar has some of the best signature drinks in all of Brisbane.

There are many venues to pick from if you love Italian food or would like an authentic Italian experience in Brisbane. They all offer something different, whether it be in their menu, decor, wines, or drink choices.