It's a crystal war!

It's a Crystal War!

It's a Crystal War!In a scandalous attempt to beat our very own Crystal Balls at her own game, a Melbourne curry store-owner claims she has a success rate of about 95 per cent in predicting whether a pregnant woman is having a boy or a girl. She said her customers find it an entertaining skill.

We find it annoying. Crystal is the only psychic for us here at BBM.

Revati Kulkarni, co-owner of Curry Creations at Prahran Market, says “It’s just a sense I have, but I also look at how the woman is carrying the baby.”

Apparently if the mother carries the baby in a blue sweater, the baby is a boy.

“I know when I was pregnant with my son, I was pointed out more at the front, but when I carried my daughter I was wider,” she added, ignoring the obvious solution of the amount of curry she was eating at the time.