now, here at BBM we have found some random objects and people in our cars over the years. Blow up dolls, weird sexual DVD’s and a certain footballer who’ll go unnamed.
But never before in our travels have we discovered a koala hitching a ride in the front of a car, like a Melbourne man did while driving near Narrawong.
He was driving 80km/h (sure he was), hit the brakes before collecting the animal with his car on the Princes Highway.
The crazy critter had a birds-eye view, trapped just under the licence plate with its front paws and head hanging out the front of the vehicle. That’s right, the photo up there is the real koala stuck in the car.
Instead of embracing the idea of a Koala hood ornament like we would’ve, the man drove fifteen kilometres at low speed back into town. We’re not sure who was more terrified, the koala or the traffic building up behind him.
While still riddled with chlamydia, the koala did not suffer any injuries – not even a scratch! He was kept under observation for the rest of the day before being released back into its prior habitat later that afternoon.