Jozif Interview

Jozif 2014 Interview

We catch up with DJ and producer, jozif, to find out about his work with London’s Oval Space, new music and his thing for Family Guy’s Lois Griffin…

Hi jozif! Last time we caught up with you, you had just released the Balance compilation; how did that go down and set the pace for the following year?
I think it went down well – I’ve had loads of nice comments and reactions from people when I met them in clubs…

You’ve been working with East London’s Oval Space recently; how did you team up with the venue and what can we expect from your time there?
I’ve known the guys and girls behind it for quite some time now, even before they had that space we were doing bits and bobs together, so when we got the new space & opportunity came up for a residency it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. I’m going to be doing a variety of shows there (which is why it’s so exciting)…

You told us that your favourite venue to perform inside was Room 3 in Fabric, London; how does Oval Space compare and what do you think makes it stand out as a live entertainment space?
Oval Space is a completely different entity to Fabric. It’s one single large room, which means it’s a completely blank canvas. Everything in the space is interchangeable so every night (if we wanted to) we could have the club set up in a different way. The space is a multi art space so whilst we have shows in the night, the daytime is filled with video and photo shoots, art showings…beer festivals!! Everything and anything you can think of… I think the space stands out because it looks and sounds like an east end warehouse but on closer inspection, the toilets are lovely, the smoking areas and green facilities are second to none… I guess you could say it’s like posh warehouse raving!

We’ve been anticipating something new from you since your release on Balance Presents; what have you been working on and what can we expect?
I’ve just released my first original recording of 2014 on Silicone Soul’s darkroom Dubs 10 year anniversary compilation. I have a new EP on Culprit coming in the summer which I’m really excited about. There’s a really strong message behind the EP and every record on it. I also have a new project with Matt Tolfrey and I called Kerb Staller – we have four records finished already which are sounding good – we’re gonna do a couple of EPs most likely and we’ve already started touring together.

You started DJ-ing in 1996, but didn’t release anything until 2008; why do you think it takes such a long time to go from live performing to laying down your own tracks on a disk?
I never really thought I had anything to say as an artist… I think it takes you a while to find your own voice and I guess that’s how long it took me. Well, I say “took” – I’m still finding the right way of conveying my message on a daily basis! That’s what keeps me in my little studio from 9am till midnight every day!!

How would you describe your clubbing and DJ-ing experience?

What music/artists caught your eye in the last year and who are you listening to at the moment?
Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Weatherall.

Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Wilma Flinstone – which would you sleep with, marry and chuck?
This is a no brainer:
Marry Marge
Sleep with Lois
Chuck Wilma

Great choices! Thanks for the chat, jozif.