Melbourne Karaoke Bars

Melbourne is a large sprawling city, the second largest in Australia; the capital of
Victoria. Melbourne is known for its many parks and gardens, its trams and night life,
with a real European multicultural feel.

For those who do not know what Karaoke is, it’s singing with a pre- existing song,
where the songs are reproduced without the lead vocal. Karaoke is believed to
originate in small bars and cafes in Japan, Kara means missing and oke means band.

Central Melbourne karaoke bars are some of the best in Australia, many of these
Melbourne karaoke bars are in Queen Street, Colin Street, Russell Street and Bourke

More Melbourne karaoke bars can be found in and around Fitzroy and Collingwood,
where there is a strong youth culture and lots of good cheep eats to finish your night.

Try a private night out in a Kingsway karaoke bar in Waverley Street, great for a
hen’s night out.

Visit St Kilda, there are several karaoke bars in this Melbourne suburb, there is also
plenty of good pub food available.

If you’re after a great night of Karaoke Melbourne bars can definitely deliver.