“We’ve been in the studio. We’ve been wrestling a song all day. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been the biggest wrestle of the album. The good thing and the bad thing is we realise when tracks are a struggle, then they come out really well. Sometimes they don’t and they are just a struggle.” Andy Barlow, better known as one half of Manchester based electro duo Lamb, is clearly exhausted after a long day in the studio working on material for the pair’s upcoming fifth studio album, the imaginitively titled “5”.

Yet, for a band who split eight years ago after growing tensions, the return to the project is clearly something that both Barlow and his musical partner-in-crime Lou Rhodes are relishing. With the pair currently locked in the studio, they are finding that having taken an extended break has served their working relationship well. Rhodes explains, “I think the span of time has really changed us in many ways as people, I think we have really mellowed out. Back in the day, our fights were much publicised. It would be quite a difficult environment in the studio at times. These days we flow a lot more easily together.”

With Barlow also freely admitting that their “communications are clearer now and we don’t take it so personally,” the musical partnership were first reunited for a series of lives shows at the turn of 2009. Rhodes confesses “it just kind of snowballed. It was just really good fun. I think, we didn’t imagine it would snowball quite as much. What it did make us realise was that we do really enjoy playing live as Lamb and we do have this amazing following that we thought might have died away.”

Though the latest record is not merely a bi-product of the live shows, the reignited partnership clearly flamed a passion both had placed firmly in the past. With their Australian dates launching their world wide tour, Rhodes is keen to point out that their fans should be aware, “we are not actually launching the new album until May. We are coming over ahead of time, so we are not entirely showcasing the new record at these shows. It will be a real mixture of our older albums and a taste of two or three of the new songs.”

Lamb play Playground Weekender 2011. Visit for details and tickets.

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Thursday 17th February – Prince of Wales, Melbourne
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Friday 18th February – Hi Fi, Brisbane
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Sunday 20th February – Playground Weekender Festival, Wisemans Ferry
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