Las Fallas – Spain’s Festival Of Fire

Las Fallas 2017 tours

Looking ahead to next spring? Las Fallas 2017 Tours are booking up fast, so here’s how you can experience the Spanish festival of fire.

The Spanish can make just about anything as hot as Penelope Cruz, including the cooler months of the European continent. If you thought Valencians were crazy for oranges, you should see the pyromaniacs at their fire festival, Las Fallas.

Las Fallas 2017 tours

Join the locals as they flood the streets with shoulder-to-shoulder dancing, burn effigies up to 30-metres tall and chase each other (and you) with live fireworks. The effigies are designed to mock prominent people and events of the past year nothing is sacred giving the whole festival an atmosphere of hellish rebellion. This is a fiesta so sassy that over the years various governments have tried to ban it and its disdain for authority, but the locals’ love of Las Fallas sees it come back bigger and hotter than ever each time. The Spanish aren’t ones to let government demands or safety precautions get in the way of a good fiesta, but never fear, there’ll be plenty of sangria on hand to keep everyone’s whistles suitably wet.

Las Fallas 2017 tours

The streets of Valencia come alight each March, and old-hats Stoke Travel can have you in the thick of the flames for just €60 per night, all-inclusive. Las Fallas 2017 will run between March 15-20, so you can meet us there (or hitch a ride from Barcelona) and party with the pyros for as long as suits you. Your €60 per night includes cabin-style accommodation with toasty sleeping bags, and a hot breakfast and hearty dinner cooked fresh each day by our hygienic and skilled chefs.

One Stoke festival not enough? Check out the Stoke Travel Passport, the cheapest and most  flexible way to get involved in as many must-see European festivals as possible.   

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