Let Them Eat Cake Drops Huge Line-up

After last year’s huge 2017 edition, the 6th outing of the ‘hedonistic aristocrat of the fabled garden party’ that is Let Them Eat Cake Festival has just been announced – and it’s a ripper.

About a 30 min drive just outside of Melbourne is Werribee Mansion, a 150-year old mansion that is the centre piece to a beautifully manicured garden. This is also the setting for this ‘architecturally abstract, sonically lush and audaciously indulgent gathering’ of Cake. The music always feature a smorgasbord of artists from a wide variety of genres, the food is ‘artisanal’, and the crowd is young, fun and definitely musically educated. A massive emphasis is put on arts installations too which make it an absolute joy to explore the huge Werribee Mansion gardens. Oh, and the stages are always something to behold, with each event featuring new and unique designs.

Let Them Eat Cake is easily the best new year’s day event in Melbourne. Check out the details below and get tickets now as they are always snapped up quick! Don’t miss out!

Let Them Eat Cake 2018 promo video from Let Them Eat Cake on Vimeo.

Let Them Eat Cake 2018 Line-up

Âme (Live) (GER)
Apparat (GER)
Bella Sarris (AU)
Jackmaster (SCT)
Jasper James (SCT)
Jon Hopkins (DJ Set) (ENG)
Kllo (Live) (AU)
Mall Grab (AU)
Nadia Rose (ENG)
Palms Trax (GER)
Stephan Bodzin (Live) (GER)
The Gaslamp Killer (USA)
The Librarian (CAN)
Tourist (Live) (ENG)

Get your tickets from: letthemeatcakenyd.com.au/tickets