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We here at BBM see a lot of big name and flavour of the moment bands, and as
we know everyone has to start somewhere. So we have decided to take a few
steps back and look at some unsigned bands.

After trawling Myspace and having one or two dodgy nights out we came across

Londoners, ‘Life in Film’ are instantly likeable with incredibly catchy tunes. They
play well together and have good chemistry. Lead singer Sam Fry has it all, model
good looks, an earthy, rich voice that’s makes you want to listen and a talent for
writing good old fashion Indie. The lyrical content may be on the darker side but
the execution is up beat pop. Well worth a listen and a great band to see live.

We managed to catch up with them for a chat, here’s what they had to say.

Q) Can you sum up Life in Films’ sound for us?
Probably Dark Indie Pop.

Q) How long have you been playing together?
2 half years

Q) Who are your influences?
Beach boys, Bowie, the Beatles and The Smiths and Motown!

Q) Lead vocalist Sam Fry’s voice has often been compared to Caleb from Kings of
Leon, would you agree?

Ha ha yes we have heard that once or twice!

Q) Do you think being from London has an influence on your music?
London I’m sure has had an affect on our music, it is an amazing city with so much
history, its got a nice dark side to it too.

Q) Did you recently do something with Burberry, can you tell us a little about

Sam was scouted by Burberry from our Youtube video for Carla. We went to
Milan for Fashion Week and shot a video there, you can see that on our Myspace

Q) We like to know who the bands we like are listening to, any

Beach House and Warpaint. Both awesome bands!

Q) Do you have any funny ‘Life in Film’ stories you could share with us?
We played a show in Brussels last year and to the astonishment of the locals I

performed a striptease on stage shortly followed by me passing out, there are
some interesting pictures of that one! Ha!

Q) What does the future hold for you guys? Do you have an album in the

We are currently recording our debut album which will be out early 2011,
followed by a full UK and European tour. Lots of exciting things are in the
pipeline and 2011 will hopefully be our year.
Our single ‘Sorry’ is available for free download at

Q) Do you have any plans to cross the shores and play in Australia any time

We would absolutely love to! It is such a great country and the people are so
friendly, I’m sure we would have a good reception! Fingers crossed!

By Vanessa Higgins