Lithium Golf Cart Batteries: Here’s Why You Need Them

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries: Here's Why You Need Them

Golf carts are indispensable vehicles in golf courses. They make traveling the wide green expanse easier than walking and dragging your golf bag and equipment. For a long time, the standard golf carts came with sealed lead-acid batteries, which may be durable and cost-effective, but not environment-friendly. 

Lithium batteries are emerging as excellent alternatives to lead-acid ones. Power and cost-effectiveness are two major concerns of golf course owners and players, and the lithium battery can deliver both. Here, we will discuss further why you need lithium golf cart batteries.

Lithium Batteries Are Light-Weight

Compared to the standard lead-acid battery, the lithium battery is 30 to 35 percent lighter, which reduces the golf cart’s weight and makes it more maneuverable. The significant weight reduction improves the cart’s weight-to-performance ratio, which is why lithium is the recommended golf cart battery by Allied and other lithium energy solution experts. It means that your golf cart will have more power and accelerate effortlessly and carry more weight without sacrificing mobility.

Lithium Batteries Provide Consistent Power

Another reason why you need to shift to lithium golf cart batteries from lead-acid ones is that the electrical power the former battery type provides is consistent and stable. It means that your golf cart gets the same voltage output from a lithium battery no matter the state of the battery’s charge. Even if your battery is at half or quarter capacity, it still produces the same voltage, unlike a lead-acid battery, where its output and performance dips when 30 to 25% of its capacity remains.

Long-term Cost Efficiency

We emphasize the word long-term because a lithium battery costs more than a sealed or deep-cycle lead-acid battery. Upfront, the lead-acid battery is cheaper compared to a lithium battery. However, throughout its utilization, a lead-acid battery needs regular charging and maintenance to maintain its performance and operational life, and the costs pile up with each maintenance performed. 

A lithium battery is more expensive than a lead-acid battery, but it lasts longer because it does not corrode. It has a longer charge cycle than the sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery, which means you charge this battery infrequently, and it has a faster charging time than an SLA battery. In the long run, you save on maintenance and energy costs. 

Lithium Battery is Maintenance-Free

One remarkable benefit of using a lithium battery is the convenience of being maintenance-free. It means that you do not have to check if the terminals are corroded by acid spills, no need to check for the fluid levels of the battery, and no need to refill the fluid if it is depleted. That is because a lithium battery does not have a liquid component, which eliminates the maintenance steps mentioned. While we did mention that SLAs are durable, they only last long if maintained properly. Lithium batteries can match SLAs in terms of durability because of their efficient voltage output and control. Lithium batteries have voltage controls that synchronize with a cart’s speed controller, meaning you can increase or decrease the power consumption based on the output you need from your cart. 


Here another excellent reason to switch to a lithium battery: you are doing nature a favor. A lithium battery’s fast charging time, which means less energy consumption. It also has significantly less hazardous materials than an SLA battery. By using a lithium battery, you are lowering the risk of lead poisoning in the ecosystem due to the leak and seepage of lead-acid into the soil and underground water supply.

If you want to make a positive change in your golf cart, switching to a lithium battery is a superb option. You’ll have to look beyond the battery price to appreciate the various benefits you can gain from this switch. A cart that can carry you smoothly through the golf course can help improve your golfing experience, and a lithium battery can help you achieve that. We hope that we have given enough reasons for you to choose the lithium battery option and make it a wise investment.