Little Bastard – ‘High For You’

Little Bastard

Seven-piece Punk band Little Bastard have released new single ‘High For You’ ahead of their debut album release. Having toured the country extensively for the past year, the band is ready to have their music available for their fans.

The music video for ‘High For You’ showcases Little Bastard doing what comes naturally to them, performing. The band is seen in multiple venues and record studios playing their respected instruments to crowds of longhaired fans. Although the song is upbeat with intricate violin and banjo highlights, the video feels nostalgic, an “on the road” documentary-esque memory of their touring antics. The song itself is an uptempo sing-along classic, you can hear all seven members play their instruments with passion – the music video is certainly a visual aid to see how enthusiastic their live performance of ‘High For You’ is. The lyrics translate the message behind the song perfectly; ‘High For You’ is all about being reckless for the one you love and the crazy repercussions that come of it.

With a sweaty, high-energy live show, it’s no wonder Little Bastard is selling out shows all over Australia. Make sure to check out the Little Bastard self-titled debut album released on 9th May 2014 through FOUR | FOUR.