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  • Little Shirt Shows His True Colours

    As a Grimsby Town fan, BBM has obviously been accused of glory hunting many, many times. That’s just par for the course when you support the team that famously won “the double” in 1997-98 (that’s right, the Mariners won the Division Two play-off final AND the Auto-Windscreens Shield – an incredible feat never achieved before or since).

    But in the most despicable piece of glory-hunting we’ve seen since Italy changed sides at the end of the Second World War, a young Newcastle Town fan has put 20 Toon shirts, five pairs of shorts and two pairs of socks on eBay – because he wants to support Manchester City instead.

    Little Shirt shows his true colours – and there hasn’t been a greater betrayal in football since Cesc Fabregas started using his old Arsenal shirts to wipe his arse.

    Former Toon fan Edward Shirt (no seriously, that’s his name) even posed for cameras by putting his old Newcastle shirt in a bin while bedecked in the sky blue of City.

    Yet the fickle 13-year-old, from north Wales, claims his sudden switch has nothing to do with the fact City are Premier League champions nowadays. Course not.

    “It’s been fun supporting them but also a bit frustrating,” he blathered unconvincingly.

    “My favourite player was Andy Carroll, but they transferred him. Then it was Demba Ba, and then they transferred him as well. Then it was Fabricio Coloccini.”

    His mum went into damage control mode by saying the reason for the switch was because his dad and older brother support City and he wanted to go to matches.

    “They support Manchester City, whose ground is much easier to get to from here,” she said.

    “To get to Newcastle it’s about five hours by train and you have to change numerous times, whereas it’s a direct route to Manchester from here.”

    Alan Shearer would be turning in his grave if he heard this. Sadly for Match of the Day fans everywhere, Shearer isn’t dead.


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