Living With a Disability: The Advantages of Opting for Supported Accommodation

The Advantages of Opting for Supported Accommodation

When living with a disability, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right kind and amount of support for your daily life. If you or a loved one who is living with a disability requires some kind of daily assistance and support, you might want to consider looking into supported accommodation facilities.

What is Supported Accommodation?

Supported accommodation or supported housing is a type of living arrangement in which care, support and assistance form part of the rental agreement and is typically available as a 24-hour service to tenants. Supported accommodation housing is available for various different needs, such as for addiction rehabilitation, mental illnesses, physical illnesses or injuries and disabilities which require ongoing care and support. It’s important to find the type of supported accommodation that best fits your needs and the level of assistance that is personally required by an individual. If you or your family member is seeking assistance in Australia, you could check out supported accommodation, Perth.

Why Should I Choose Supported Accommodation?

Unfortunately, we’re not all able to offer full-time care to those we love. Supported accommodation for your loved ones means that they will be safe and secure and will have access to 24-hour assistance with health and medical issues, taking medication, socialising, learning, travel and shopping and other daily tasks, as well as any potential emergencies. You will be able to rest assured that those close to you are taken care of, comfortable and happy in their own space. 

For many people, disability or no, being able to live independently in one’s own home is important for mental health. Supported accommodation is a type of care that is geared towards freedom and great levels of independence for residents. Whether 24-hour care is needed or lower levels of support and assistance, a care team at supported accommodation facilities will typically match an individual’s personal needs and requirements to make sure that they feel safe and cared for, whilst still in control of their own lives and decisions.

Renting (or even owning, in some cases) one’s own housing is a major aspect of supported accommodation. This implies that all the furniture and goods within the dwelling space belong to the individual too, and the place is really their own. Individuals can receive assistance with furnishing and decorating their home if they wish, from friends and family or a support team. If they would like help in this aspect, this can usually be arranged.

Finally, it’s important to know that at a supported accommodation, the staff will all be well trained in all aspects and fully equipped to help any individual with whatever needs they have – as well as being kind, caring and supportive. At some facilities, an individual will be able to select who they would like to work with on their support and care team, which ensures that they will feel comfortable and happy in all regards and that their quality of life is improved.