The Best Melbourne Lounge Bars

Melbourne lounge bars are all about luxury, offering fashion and extravagance yet
they are intimate and there is always space to relax, they really are only for the
sophisticated individual who wants quality service to accompany their drink.

There are not many lounge bars in Melbourne but they are some of the
best Australia has to offer. There are several in the city centre, some nestled in the
cobbled laneways, if you find your self in Flinders lane. One can only describe these
Melbourne lounge bars as having a laid-back atmosphere with quality drinks, they are
delightful opulent and lavish all at a price.

Try Swanton Street for more lounge bar experience the comfy couches, there are
balconies for the smokers at several of the lounge bars.

Melbourne lounge bars are for the well healed with drinks beginning at $12 during
happy hour you can soon put a dent in a $100, and wait this price goes up later in the
evening in many of the bars.

Melbourne lounge bars do exist outside the CBD but there is only a handful, try
Collingwood, Richmond or South Yarra.

If you are sophisticated and want service Melbourne lounge bars will not disappoint
the best of you.